Tiny mother-of-two defends having a 6’7 boyfriend

Pint-sized 5ft mother whose boyfriend is 6ft 7in claims jealous women berate her for ‘taking one of the tall boys’

  • Sophie Hines, 28, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, met her boyfriend at work 
  • While she is a pint size 5ft, boyfriend Miles Llyod, 26, also from Essex, is 6ft 7in
  • Despite height difference, pair fell in love and have been together 18 months
  • Sophie says she is targeted by tall women telling her to date someone smaller

A 5ft mother-of-two claims the huge height difference with her 6ft 7in boyfriend makes taller girls so jealous, that they berate her for ‘taking one of the tall boys’.

Sophie Hines, 28, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, claims she had to google celebrities with large height differences before she started dating Miles Lloyd, 26, to be reassured that they wouldn’t look ‘ridiculous’ together.

But Sophie, who shares a six-month-old son Remy with Miles, claims that she’s often challenged by angry ‘taller girls’ online, who say she should ‘leave the tall boys alone’ given her short stature. 

The lovebirds, who have been together 18 months, say they ‘wouldn’t have it any other way’, even if they have been mistaken for a ‘dad and daughter’ as a result of the 1ft 7in height difference. 

Five feet tall Sophie Hines, 28, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex and boyfriend Miles Llyod, 26, also from Essex, is 6ft 7in

One of the first questions everyone asks the duo is how they have sex – and even Sophie admits she was so unsure she asked Miles ‘how he does it’ when they first met.  

Luckily the pair, who have been together for 18 months, embrace their differences – and even find the size contrast between their collection of size 12 and size 3 trainers ‘hysterical’. 

But Sophie and Miles, who share six-month-old son Remy Lloyd, admit they’re often stared at when they go out, as well as being bombarded with questions about their height difference.

Sophie said: ‘Our height difference hasn’t affected our relationship at all. I wouldn’t have him any other way. 

The couple fell in love despite their 1ft 7in height difference – but say they often get ‘weird looks’ when they’re out together 

‘I always say to him, “do you wish I was taller?” but he always says, “no, I love it that you’re small”. I’ve never met any other couple with the same height difference as us.

‘When we go out we get so many looks. It was weird at first, but we’ve definitely embraced it now. Miles is so oblivious to it. 

When the couple started dating, Sophie was compelled to search for celebrities who also had a height difference, saying: ‘When we first got together it was when Kourtney Kardashian was going out with Younes Bendjima, and they had a massive height difference too. 

‘I was googling pictures of Kourtney with her boyfriend and was worrying we would look ridiculous, so I had to google to make sure I wasn’t the only one. 

Miles says he loves Sophie’s height, while the mother-of-two will often confront people who make comments about her boyfriend’s stature 

People would jokingly tell Sophie when she was pregnant that they felt ‘sad’ for her, and predicted she was going to have a big baby 

‘I think people notice his height more because I’m so short. If I was 5’9 or something, I don’t think they would really notice it as much. But there’s such a contrast between us it makes it more noticeable.’

Miles, who sometimes feels like ‘a normal man in a tall man’s body’, says he feels that they look ‘very good together’. 

Miles, also from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, said: ‘I like our height difference. I love being out with her and showing off. We look very good together. 

‘We never spoke about the height difference when we started going out. I like that she’s small, I just like her. 

The couple never spoke about their height difference when they first started going out – although Sophie was apprehensive about how the couple would have sex 

‘It’s amazing though. I can’t believe there are so many people interested in us. We just embrace it. 

‘I feel like I’m a normal man stuck in a tall man’s body. I don’t even feel like I’m that tall – it’s really surprising when people say it. 

‘I must get comments five or six times a day. I always ask them how tall they think I am because they always get it right first time anyway, so it’s pointless, they didn’t need to ask.’ 

The couple, who both work as underworkers in the same bank, had always noticed each other at the office but never spoke until Sophie joined Miles’ team. 

Miles said he gets comments ‘five or six times a day’, which girlfriend Sophie will confront people about 

Sophie said: ‘I’ve known him since I was 18 – not to talk to, but I’ve always seen him around. I saw him out loads of times and we worked in the same place for five years. 

The couple were stunned when they got together to discover they’d been photographed in a club together when they were younger

‘I’ve always known him as ‘Miles the tall boy’. We had never had a conversation but had seen each other around before we started going out. I remember just thinking how tall he was. 

‘We got a picture in a nightclub together, randomly, from when we were about 18. I think I just got the picture with him because he was so tall. 

‘It’s so weird, and we look so different in the picture – and then 10 years later we have a baby together. It’s so strange. I don’t remember it. 

‘It came up on my timehop [on Facebook] when I was working with him and I was like, ‘oh my god, look at this’. 

‘I always thought he was cute. He just always used to look cool, I loved the way he looked. He had really long hair and he only just got it cut this year but it used to be past his shoulders. 

‘He always looked really cool to me and I used to think, I just want a boyfriend like that. And then we ended up together – I got him in the end.’ 

The father-of-one claims he had always been shorter than his friends as a teenager, but suddenly shot up by six inches when he turned 16. 

Sophie claims other women can be jealous of her boyfriends height, and tell her she should have left him for ‘taller girls’ 

Sophie claims when she first got with her boyfriend she searched for celebrities with large height differences so she didn’t feel ‘ridiculous’  

Miles said: ‘That’s the thing – all my friends were taller than me at one point. It was only when I turned 16 that I shot up. 

‘I’ve not always been this big. I probably went from about 5’8 to about 6’1 or 2 in a year – I grew about six inches in a short space of time. 

‘My dad is 6’1 and my mum is 5’11 which is quite tall for a woman.’ 

The father revealed he expects son Remy to follow in his footsteps, saying: ‘Now we’ve got a little boy called Remy, and he’s got massive hands and feet. 

The couple now have an six month old son called Remy, who is small but has ‘massive hands and feet’ 

‘He’s only diddy but they were saying when she was pregnant and doing the measurements and stuff that he was going to be big. But when he was born he was quite little.’

He went on: ‘Now he’s got a massive head, massive hands and massive feet so I’m pretty confident he’s going to be big like me. 

‘I’m quite lean as well, so I’d like it if he grows up to be a proper unit as well. I don’t think it will take him long to outgrow Sophie.’

The couple claim they get a lot of questions about the logistics of their relationship and are even quizzed on their sex life – but Sophie claims ‘it all works for us’. 

The couple, who have now been together for eighteen months, claim they’re often stared at when they go out in public due to their noticeable height difference 

Strangers bombard the couple with questions, including the inappropriate from how they kiss to how they have sex 

When Sophie fell pregnant with Remy, she claims she looked like a ‘little round ball’ and found it hilarious posing next to her tall boyfriend – although became frustrated when strangers warned her their baby would be ‘huge’. 

Sophie, who is a mum-of-two, said: ‘Loads of people ask us how we kiss. He has to crouch and I go on tiptoes – there is no other way.’

She also revealed people bombard them with questions about their life in the bedroom, saying: ‘We get so many comments about how we have sex. I actually said that to him before we get together – how do you do it? 

‘But he said it’s only his legs that are long – his body is a normal size. It all works for us, anyway. I just can’t believe that that’s the first thing that people think of.’ 

Miles says he hopes his son is a ‘unit’ and thinks it won’t take him long to outgrow his pintsized mother 

The couple are bombarded with comments from strangers about how they have sex due to their huge height difference

Sophie also revealed: ‘I got a lot of looks when I was pregnant. All I heard from everyone was that I was going to have a big baby. 

‘As soon as they saw Miles they were saying, ‘oh my god I feel sad for you’. 

‘But then Remy was tiny. I was huge when I was pregnant with him though – I was like a little round ball. Because I looked like that and Miles is just so tall, we must have looked hysterical. 

‘I find it hard to frame a picture with both of us in. I normally just take selfies and things in the car because I know I can fit both of us in. 

Although Sophie felt ‘huge’ when she was pregnant, and received plenty of comments about the size of her baby, Remy was ‘tiny’ when he was born

‘We’ve got a full length mirror in our house and I’ve got loads where his head is just completely cut off. It’s him neck down, and that’s it.’ 

Miles said: ‘I definitely think people shouldn’t let their ego or any other social pretense guide them because they’ll limit themselves and not find someone they really love. 

‘I don’t think Sophie had been with anyone really tall before me. Everyone is her family is pretty short as well. 

The family believe people shouldn’t ‘limit themselves’ when searching for love, and should keep an open mind 

Sophie claims she regularly cuts her boyfriend’s head out of selfies because he’s so much taller than her 

‘I guess you look for a partner with the things you haven’t got, subconsciously maybe.’ 

But despite being very happy together, Sophie claims she does get challenged by taller girls and has received negative comments online. 

Sophie said: ‘A lot of angry tall girls have said I should leave the tall boys alone. There are a lot of angry tall girls who say, ‘my boyfriend is smaller than me, why have you taken a tall one’. 

Sophie claims she is berated by comments from jealous girls – but that she ‘can’t help’ who she fell in love with 

‘But I can’t help it, can I? It’s such a silly comment. You can’t help who you like. I’m not going to dismiss someone because they’re tall and just go out with someone who is 5’5. 

‘I 100 per cent confront people when they make comments about him – I have to do it. 

‘Miles definitely gets bored of[being asked about his height. I want to get him a little card made up so that when people come up to him he can give them a little card that says, ‘I’m 6’7, no I don’t play basketball’. 

‘He just has to say the same things over and over again.’ 

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