Tom Hanks’ niece has wild meltdown over ‘Claim to Fame’ elimination: ‘I should have more camera time!’

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That’s one way to make a “Splash.”

Tom Hanks’ niece Carly Reeves had a full-blown meltdown after being eliminated on the Season 2 premiere of “Claim to Fame” on Monday night.

“I don’t deserve this! I should have more camera time!” Reeves, 39, screeched as she packed up her belongings after being eliminated from the ABC show. “I should be here longer.”

The nepo baby stormed off the set in tears and shrieked like a hyena after being exposed as Hank’s neice thanks to a clue involving a park bench that referenced the beloved actor’s 1994 film, “Forrest Gump.”

“His frickin’ clues were so frickin’ obvious. Frickin’ Ben showed a frickin’ poster of frickin’ ‘Forrest Gump!’ Are you kidding me?” Reeves wailed, referring to another competitor on the show.

“Why a bench? Why a bench? There’s literally no other references to benches on any other movie,” she continued in her tirade, before saying that another contestant on the was “not even smart.”

Reeves made her exit all the more shocking when she brazenly claimed she didn’t “deserve” to go home so early on in the season.

“No one expected that. No one!” she uttered.

Karsyn, another competitor on the hit ABC show, ripped Reeves’ tantrum during a confessional.

“I did not have that level of drama for the first guess-off on my ‘Claim to Fame’ Bingo card,” she joked. “And we’re only on guess-off number one.”

Another contestant added, “I think the right choice was made.”

Despite her response to being eliminated, Reeves admitted in an interview with “Entertainment Weekly” published Tuesday that she “overreacted.”

“Yeah, I was really upset. I think I overreacted a little bit, but I’m an emotional, very dramatic person,” she said, adding, “I was really angry that I didn’t get a chance to play as long as some of [the] other contestants.” 

The “Raise Your Voice” actress also said that she didn’t actually blame anyone but herself for being ousted.

“I mean, there was no one to be angry at. I was just angry in general at myself, and at the fact that I was going home. And then that turned to complete despair and sadness,” she added.

“I even say, like, ‘I should get more camera time!’ That’s just so silly of me to say. But I also was just saying things out of my mouth.”

Reeves — who is Hanks’ niece by marriage — shared that she told the “Castaway” star, 66, all about the reality show and hopes that he watches despite her antics.

“At first, [Hanks] didn’t understand the game and then I was like, ‘It’s clues from your movies.’ And then he said, ‘Oh, okay. Got it. Got it,’” she recalled.

She also shared that the “Toy Story” voice actor asked if she made some money off the show.

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“I was like, ‘Yeah, I made a little bit.’ And he said, ‘Ok, good.’ So, he was happy that I made a little money,” she quipped.

While Hanks seemed supportive of his niece’s gig, viewers of the reality competition weren’t as kind and dragged Reeves for her entitlement.

“I could hardly watch, like how was she not embarrassed for that?” one person tweeted.

“How does this man have so many awful relatives?” a second person wrote, referring to the “A Man Called Otto” star.

“But WHY would she scream like that! 🤣🤣😜😜,” another asked.

“The entire premise of the show is gross. A whole room full of pick me’s. 🤮,” a fourth fan said.

Reeves — a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television — is the daughter of Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson’s sister. And just like her famous family members, she also has a career in Hollywood.

“☀️LA girl born and raised. So, Actor, yes. I Act both professionally & ridiculously. I rap to Eminem a lot. Hobbies include parodies. Be cool 🤩🤟🏻,” she states on her Instagram page, which has been set to private.

She made her acting debut in Hilary Duff’s 2004 movie “Raise Your Voice” and has also appeared in her uncle’s films “Charlie Wilson’s War” and “Larry Crowne,” among others, according to her IMDB profile.

“Claim to Fame,” which is hosted by brothers Nick and Frankie Jonas, airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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