Tommy Lee Is Trying (Again) To Sell His Calabasas Mansion

Tommy Lee may not have had luck selling his Calabasas mansion in 2020, but the rocker is giving it another go, as he’s re-listed the property.

According to TMZ, the Motley Crue drummer listed the home for $4.59 million – the same price as was asking two years ago. After the estate failed to sell, Tommy took it off the market to rent it out before listing it again this month.

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The three-story home features 12,000 of space and views of the city. It comes with an at-home recording studio, theatre room, and a private pool and spa. It also has a wine tasting area and concession bar.

Perhaps its most impressive feature is a central atrium with a retractable roof.

“This magnificent compound is truly a unique offering for the creative lifestyle it demands,” the 2020 listing said of the home.

When Tommy listed the property in 2020, he was represented by Emil Hartoonian and Nicholas Siegfried of The Agency, and Emil is repping him this time around, too. Interestingly, 2020 wasn’t the first time the musician tried to offload the property. He previously listed it in 2018 for $4.65 million.

Tommy’s decision to sell isn’t his only business move recently. Earlier this month, the rocker announced he was joining OnlyFans, a paid subscription website that allows creators to post largely sexual content.

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He made the announcement during a Motley Crue performance in Las Vegas on September 9th.

“Should we play a little game of I’ll show you mine, you show me yours? I already won. I showed you my s—. They took it down, off the internet,” he said, referencing a nude photo he posted to Instagram earlier in the year (which was removed).

Tommy continued, “Well, what I’ve done is I have now gone over to place where you can be free as f— and you can show anybody whatever the f— you want and they don’t f—ing take it down.”

He then proceeded to turn around and pull down his pants, revealing “ONLY FANS” written across his butt cheeks.

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Tommy later confirmed the news on his Instagram page and shared a link his followers could use to find his profile.

Plenty of celebrities are making fortunes on OnlyFans. Blac Chyna reportedly earns $20 million per month, while Cardi B brings in $9.4 million. Maybe Tommy has his eyes set on an even more luxe house if he expects to be bringing in that type of cash.

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