Top tips to spruce up your home in the new year

How to get YOUR home ready for 2021: After a year when we spent more time than ever inside, an expert reveals the trends you need – from ‘calming’ warm neutrals to feng shui for your well-being

  • Interiors expert revealed the top trends you need to know for 2021 
  • Her tips include a dedicated work from home space and embracing wallpaper
  • Added most homes will want to embrace calming warm colours after 2020 

After spending so much time indoors this year, it is of little surprise many of us are paying more attention than ever to the way our homes are decorated. 

Interior design expert Rebecca Snowden, who works as a style advisor at UK-based firm Furniture and Choice, has revealed the key trends you need to know if you’re planning on giving your home a revamp in 2021. 

Unsurprisingly, there is going to be a focus on creating designated home office spaces as remote working continues. There will also be more interest in warming colours that give a sense of comfort in a time of uncertainty. 

Rebecca said: ‘2021 is shaping up to be a cosy and comforting one in the world of interior trends.’ Here, the major influences you need to know… 

Rise in dedicated work spaces

Interior design expert Rebecca Snowden, who works as a style advisor at UK-based firm Furniture and Choice, has revealed the key trends you need to know if you’re planning on giving your home a revamp in 2021. It is important to create a designated work zone

As working from home continues, it is important to create special zones to separate personal and professional spaces. 

‘Pick a spot that you feel comfortable in and decorate around it,’ Rebecca suggests. 

‘If you don’t have a home office, choose a place with natural lighting as it can help boost productivity. 

‘Multifunctional furniture also works wonders in a compact space – like a dining table which can be your work corner during the day and dining area at night.’ 

Embrace the art of feng shui to enhance well-being 

Another tip heading into the new year is to adopt the art of feng sui, which involves decluttering your house to allow the flow of energy

Place emphasis on wellbeing at home by embracing the art of feng shui. Bring in good energy flow by decluttering as much as possible. 

‘A neat and tidy home plays an important role in our overall health and wellbeing,’ Rebecca says. ‘In feng shui, there is a belief that each part of the home is connected and this allows positive energy to easily move throughout the space. 

‘With an orderly home as the grounding force, it sets the mood for a calm and relaxing ambience that is centred on finding balance and mindfulness.’ 

Relax with warm neutrals 

Warm neutrals are a must heading into 2021 as they help create a relaxing tone

Use a warm neutral palette to set a relaxing tone. ‘Hues like rust, tan and oatmeal create a simple, chic base that allows you to layer with relaxing interior accents,’ Rebecca says. 

‘Another warm neutral to experiment with is greige – a combination of grey and beige – which complements a variety of interior styles and spaces in the home. 

‘Its underlying earthy properties will give any room a comforting feel. ‘ 

Play with wallpaper 

Rebecca said that using wallpaper in some of your rooms helps you bring a room alive with colour, patterns and textures (stock image)

Decorating with wallpaper is a stylish and versatile way to play with colour, pattern and texture. 

Bright prints and patterns make a big impact thanks to trends such as maximalism and ‘grandmillennial’ (a new play on granny chic). 

However, wallpaper trends also move towards a more experimental and natural-inspired approach with 3D textures, neutral colours and sustainable materials being some of the most talked-about styles. 

‘Bright and bold wallpaper patterns will always be popular, but this year’s trends also highlight that you don’t need to be loud to make a statement,’ Rebecca says. ‘Soft, comforting textures mixed with a neutral colour scheme add more depth to the space and have a homely feel.’   

Incorporate earthy tones and natural elements 

Adding earthy tones to your home is a great way of adding a colourful cheerful boost

Incorporate warm earth tones such as Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground, as another way of using colour to add a cheerful boost to the home. 

‘Brave Ground is a soft beige that’s associated with stability and growth, and has a soothing effect,’ Rebecca explains. 

‘Aside from that, other earthy hues like canyon clay and ochre are great for warming up communal areas such as the kitchen or dining room.’ 

These earthy tones bring a serene touch to the décor when paired with natural accents. ‘It fits right in with natural materials such as linen and rattan to create a laid back yet stylish space.’

Create a gallery wall for an instant revamp 

Wall art and picture galleries give the impression of instantly redecorating a room without having revamped the entire space

Introduce wall art to the home as a quick style update since it does not require a complete space revamp. 

‘Wall art instantly uplifts a room with its vivid colours and patterns,’ Rebecca says. ‘But if you prefer something that’s a little toned down, line art is a chic and contemporary option to consider. 

‘This is a trend that suits anyone no matter what interior style you prefer. Setting up a gallery wall is a great way to go all out and allows you to mix artworks or images together. There are no rules to creating one and it gives you the chance to explore your creativity.’ 

Experiment with black  

Calming, timeless and sophisticated, use black to add a touch of elegance to the home. 

The colour might seem intimidating on its own, but creates a welcoming space when paired with the right accents. 

‘Introducing black touches brings a stylish, visual contrast to any room,’ Rebecca explains. ‘For example, a black feature wall next to a white wall adds an extra element of detail to the room and creates a glamorous backdrop.’ 

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