Trick-or-treaters share the weirdest items given this spooky season

Sweets would have been fine! Trick or treaters share their WEIRDEST Halloween hauls on social media – from bath bombs and dental floss picks to a tin of sausages

  • Trick-or-treaters were given some very unusual items on Halloween this year 
  • Katie Cunningham, from Washington, handed out Play-Doh and glow sticks
  • Matt Heller, from Chicago, Illinois, decided to give out coupons instead of candy

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sheer panic when you hear that first knock on the door at Halloween and realise you’ve already eaten all the sweets you bought.  

You’ll grab anything to avoid being tricked by having toilet paper or silly string chucked all over your house and garden, but the first thing you see isn’t always treat appropriate.

This Halloween, Twitter users have been sharing the very bizarre items they’ve been handing out – or been given – as they made their way around the neighbourhood.

While one health-conscious person received a toothbrush alongside their sweets, another found themselves handing out 2p coins.

Here, FEMAIL shows off a selection of some of the hilarious items being given out in 2018. . . 

One user revealed their niece had been handed a hot dog while out trick or treating in Texas

Vanessa Wyeth, from New York, was impressed by the home that handed her son a toothbrush to go with his huge candy haul

  • ‘Good luck getting the TP out of your tree!’ Twitter users…

    Forget pumpkins – it’s all about the BUM-pkin: Glitter bums…

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Chelsea Dube, from Boston, found a house handing out treats for kids and whoever got dragged along with them

Katie Cunningham, from Washington, shunned the usual treats and instead handed out glowsticks and pots of Play-Doh

Matt Heller, from Chicago, Illinois, decided to give out coupons instead of sweets this year

One household in Mississippi decided to give out canned goods for Halloween 

Reporter Shawn Krest advised one household to not answer the door after giving his children loose cough drops 

Journalist Ted Kelly was dogsitting a friend in Philadelphia when he decided to hand out dental floss picks

Another Twitter user revealed someone gave their child a bath bomb 

Dan York, from Shelburne, Vermont, said: ‘Too funny… someone gave our daughter chocolate #bitcoin tonight during trick-or-treating!’

Lucky trick-or-treaters knocking on Joel Hutton’s door had a selection of soup and crisps to pick from

Elizabeth’s father decided to get the children knocking on his door to dance for their treat

 Parveen, from London, revealed her mother had gone to the bank to withdraw 2p coins to hand out this year

Cody Spain, from Texas, said one man was handing out Topps baseball cards from 1998 – complete with the original gum

Another user explained they were surprised by trick-or-treaters knocking later than usual and ended up handing them money intended for a takeaway driver

Sheri Peterson, from Texas, let children in her neighbourhood adopt a stuffed animal when they visited her house. By the end of the night only two toys were left

Aussie Sarah delighted kids and parents alike when she handed out 3D printed ghosts alongside candy this year

This Twitter user from St John’s, Canada, was delighted after being handed a can of crush, saying: ‘I don’t know who gave out this gem of a Halloween treat but thank you!’

Kayla Landsberger’s mother impressed her friends by handing out sweets for the kids and wine coolers for the parents

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