Truth or dare game may have ended relationship as boyfriend won't speak to me | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: A GAME of truth or dare went badly wrong for me and now my fledgling romance is over.

I’m part of a big friendship group and started dating one of the other blokes in secret.

We recently decided to become exclusive.

We are both 21. One night we all got tipsy and decided to play truth or dare.

I was asked who was the best lover I’ve had, but wasn’t sure I could openly talk about my new man.

So I muttered I couldn’t answer that.

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My best friend then blurted out about an ex saying, “Come on we all know it was XXX with the huge packet.”

My new bloke’s face went ashen and ever since he’s been avoiding me.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Explain to him exactly what you’ve told me.

Remind him this other man is in the past.

If he doesn’t come around, then it’s probably a good thing you’ve learned early on that he isn’t prepared to listen.

I hope you won’t need it, but I’m sending you my support pack Mend Your Broken Heart in case.

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