Twitter and TikTok users are going wild for Zara’s at home model images – here are some of our favourite reactions

Due to the temporary closure of non essential businesses and social distancing policies, the fashion industry has had to massively adapt it’s way of operating during the Covid-19 outbreak.

While fashion brands with online stores could carry on operating and send out products to customers, shooting the new products to show on site was always going to be a trickier affair. Large studios with big teams had to be halted and were instead replaced with models shooting new drops in their own homes, sometimes as selfies or with a partner, friend or family member to help.

Lots of big retailers have put this system in place including Mango and ASOS who have sent product out to models for them to shoot. However, one brand that has definitely developed their creativity in lockdown is high street brand Zara.

In order to keep their website looking as edgy as always, the models seem to have been given free reign, truly reflecting how society is coping with staying inside as much as possible.

The results are definitely entertaining, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite internet reactions…

Where did the door go?

One Twitter user that has won the internet with her reactions is Louise Nealon (@louise_Nealon).

She created a thread of images with some of the best captions and we can’t stop laughing.

How did she get up there?

Taking to new heights, we didn’t think we would see a model climb a bookcase in order to show off a tailored suit.

We can’t help but praise this model on her core strength to sustain that position though.

So chic

We’ve all been there haven’t we?

We think we’ve packed the essentials for a holiday and then it comes to the dreaded weighing and are told to remove items.

Dancing on your own

Lockdown has hit people hard and one of the best things to do if you need a pick-me-up is dance it out.

However, we mean a more upbeat dance as opposed to a slow, romantic one.

You ok there hun?

Highlighted by Twitter user @CourtsChorus… This model took things to a new level when she perched on her stove in order to show off her fancy new shoes.

We’ll make sure to take note and remember this for the next time we buy new shoes.

Any ideas?

We totally get Twitter user, Beth’s confusion too… alongside using some bizarre model images, the brand have now started to shoot their products…floating.

This may look nice for some items, but you get the odd few that you just can’t work out what they are.

No such thing as too much

We’ve even seen people take to TikTok to recreate some of these outrageous images.

One user, badgyallolo, went above and beyond to channel her inner Zara model.

Watch the full video here.

Practice makes perfect. Right?

Could this be the future of how model castings will take place?

rhiannonjadeb posted this video recreating some of the weirdest poses seen to grace the Zara website.

You can watch the video here.

Become one with the garment

Here’s another winning video which saw user linasophia04 have a go at modelling the "Zara" way.

Watch the full video here.

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