Twitter thread of insensitive comments said by family members

Man reveals brutal Christmas text from his mother asking if he’s single because of ‘his personality or looks’ – and other singletons are quick to relate!

  • Adem Waterman, who lives in London, was asked about dating by his mother
  • Posting on Twitter, he shared how she questioned the reason why he’s single 
  • Their hilarious interaction on WhatsApp racked up more than 48,000 likes 
  • Others shared their own conversations with insensitive family members

A man admitted his mother brutally questioned whether it was ‘his personality or looks’ stopping him from getting a partner in a hilarious exchange which has since gone viral online.

Posting on Twitter, Adem Waterman, of London, revealed a screenshot of the recent conversation he’d had with his mother on WhatsApp – prompting other social media users to share the insensitive and amusing remarks made by their own relatives.

The image shows Adem’s loved one asking if he has a partner to include on this year’s Christmas card, however Adem replies that the note should only be addressed to him.

Unimpressed, his mother responded: ‘Okay will do. Do you think it’s your personality or looks?’ 

Adem’s post racked up more than 48,000 likes as many others eagerly shared similar exchanges, with one person writing: ‘I phoned my Nanna once after yet another job rejection. She said “Do you think it’s because you’re past your best?” I was 39.’

A British man has gone viral on social media after revealing his mother’s amusing response to him not having a partner (pictured)

Adem Waterman (pictured), who lives in London, posted on Twitter an embarrassed emoji along with a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation he had with his mother 

Another added: ‘When I phoned my gran to tell her I’d given birth to a baby girl and I was naming her Violet, my gran said, “Oh, I won’t write that name on the card in case you change your mind.” And she didn’t. The card said Baby.’  

A third said: ‘My family are also savage! I have recently lost weight and got the following ‘compliments’ 1: Where is your belly? 2: Your face isn’t round anymore 3: Bet it’s easier to get around without that weight. I think they mean well.’

Others joked about their families also making comments about being concerned with their love lives. 

Many responses came from those who’ve received insensitive comments about their weight and career 

‘My dad literally told me to look for a boyfriend in the local Morrison’s since I go there so much. Parents are f****** ruthless,’ wrote one. 

Another said: ‘Several family members have decided my sister and I no longer exist as we’re both single’

A third added: ‘If it makes you feel better, my uncle gave me a chat recently about how I should think about freezing my eggs. MY UNCLE not even my mum.’ 

Others revealed they’ve also been questioned about being single, with one even advised to freeze her eggs

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