‘Vanderpump Rules’: Will James Kennedy Leave The Show After Getting Fired From SUR?

James Kennedy has landed himself in some hot water on this season of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ & HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on whether he will be leaving the show!

Fans have been speculating that James Kennedy may be leaving the cast of Vanderpump Rules following his shocking comments about Katie’s weight, and now – HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE scoop as to whether that’s true. “James is very much still involved with Vanderpump Rules and the cast this entire season,” a source shares with HL.  “Though most of the cast is not speaking to him, Tom (Sandoval) and Ariana (Maddix) are, as does Scheana, and he still is invited to events and what not. You have definitely not seen the last of James at SUR or any of Lisa’s restaurants. He even has been DJ’ing here and there at Pump and SUR since being “fired.” HollywoodLife has reached out to a representative of the show for comment.

The source went on to share why Lisa Vanderpump still allows James to remain a part of their lives, despite her disappointment in his insensitive comments.”At the end of the day, Lisa know she has a show to make, though she really didn’t like his insensitive comments about Katie. Lisa has known James for years as she’s good friends with his parents from back in London. She has a major soft spot for him,” the source told us. “The things James said about Katie were a big tipping point as to why most of the cast cut him out of their lives completely. The rest of the cast feels that James’ girlfriend Raquel just wants to be famous so that’s why she’s sticking around throughout all of this. James actually works more at Lisa’s restaurants than most of the other cast at this point!” the source added.

It was on the Dec. 23 episode of the show that Lisa was forced to fire James for his fat-shaming comments. It was no easy decision for Lisa, and the waterworks came out as she gave him the boot. Despite having a soft spot for the DJ, Lisa knew that those types of comments simply could not be tolerated!

Well, there you have it Vanderpump Rules fans! It looks like we’ll be seeing more of James on this season of the show after all.

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