Vintage photos show the original influencers, NYC’s ’90s ‘Club Kids’

Walt Cassidy is still working up a sweat at Limelight — except now it’s on a treadmill.

Cassidy, 47, was one of the more well-known of the so-called “Club Kids,” whose flamboyant, drug-fueled, gender-bending style went mainstream in New York City in the ’90s. He documented the rise and fall of the city’s iconic scene in his new book, “New York: Club Kids” (Damiani, out now) through a selection of unseen photographs, personal archives and insider stories.

“It’s a love story to ’90s New York,” Cassidy tells The Post of the photos of scantily clad partygoers.

Before Instagram, before phone cameras and before clout was king, the Club Kids were New York’s original influencers, setting beauty and fashion trends and spending all day putting together their club looks for that evening.

“We were basically brand ambassadors for the clubs,” Cassidy says. “I liken it to the old Hollywood system where actors would be loyal to one studio.”

Cassidy and his friends were loyal to New York club king Peter Gatien, former owner of Club USA, the Limelight and Tunnel. Limelight still exists today in Chelsea, albeit now as a gym. Cassidy is, in fact, a card-carrying member.

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