Viral Video Shows Chicago Blackhawks Mascot Punching, Body Slamming Man Who Tried To Attack Him

It’s apparently a very bad idea to try to fight a hockey mascot, as one overly aggressive fan learned the hard way.

A video getting viral attention on social media shows a man trying to attack Tommy Hawk, the mascot for the Chicago Blackhawks, after a game on Friday night. As Sports Illustrated reported, the man punched the mascot and put him in a headlock, but Tommy Hawk quickly turned the tables.

After the man gave his best shots at the hockey mascot, Tommy Hawk picked up the attacker and slammed him hard onto the pavement before delivering a few punches. The man tried another feeble attack against the mascot, but Tommy Hawk pushed him away again and the attack came to an end.

In the video, onlookers warned Tommy Hawk that his thrashing of the attacker could be harming some bystanders.

“Watch out for the kid,” a man could be heard saying as Tommy Hawk picked up the attacker and slammed him to the ground.

As many noted, the official police report claimed that the young man was the aggressor, putting Tommy Hawk in a headlock and punching him, but the video appeared to tell a different story. By the time the camera started rolling, Tommy Hawk had already gained the upper hand and was seen attacking the young man, who tried to fight back but could not overpower the mascot.

It was not clear if anyone would face charges for the fight, and neither the suspect or the man behind the mascot outfit have been named.

As the Chicago Sun-Times reported, the attacker was a white man between the ages of 18 and 20 and described as 5-foot-5 and 160 pounds — not a great line when trying to take on a hockey mascot, apparently.

The video got some viral attention after being shared on Twitter, with many commending the Blackhawks mascot for his good form and quick work in stopping the attack.

A team representative for the Chicago Blackhawks said they were aware of the attack on the mascot and were looking into the incident.

“We are gathering the facts and will have no further comment at this time, pending our investigation,” a team spokesperson said.

The fight between Tommy Hawk and the aggressive fan may have been the best highlight of the night for some Chicago Blackhawks fans. Before the fight, the team lost its game 4-3 to the Winnipeg Jets.

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