Warning to Brits over fake number plates as experts share simple tips to stop YOU becoming a victim

Around 70 registration plates are stolen every day as cloning becomes more common, news figures have revealed.

The AA said 29,250 plates were stolen across the UK in 2017, citing data from 34 of Britain’s 45 police forces.

That figure is up by almost 3,000 incidents from the year before.

London motorists are the most at risk of having their plates nicked, with West Midlands and Greater Manchester taking second and third place.

Cloned number plates can hide the identity of a car being used in a crime or by crooks who want to avoid fines for traffic offences like speeding or illegal parking.

Innocent drivers are also being sold cars with cloned plates, so they are unknowingly driving an illegal vehicle.

They could then be slapped with a speeding ticket or other fine for a crime they didn’t commi

It’s also difficult for real car owners to prove that they were not at fault for a fine if their car was cloned, unless they have CCTV footage or a tracker confirming that the car was at a different location.

Motorists can deter criminals from steal their number plate using specially-made bolts that can be purchased for as little as £6.

These anti-theft gadgets can lock registrations by using a unique key that comes with each brand.

The edge around the bolt – known as a ‘spinning sleeve’ means that thieves cannot remove the device without the key.

Car owner’s can also buy anti-theft number plates that shatter into piece if they’re removed.

What are the five mistakes that could get you fined?

To help drivers stay on the right side of the law, Regtransfers.co.uk has outlined the five mistakes that drivers commonly make with number plates.

1.The wrong colour

Using the wrong colours. Number plates should have black characters on a white background on the front of your car, and be on a yellow background on the back.

2. Incorrect spacing

Using the wrong spacing. As the example in the picture above shows, the correct spacing should read AC55 ABC.

3. An illegal background

Using a non-conforming background that isn’t a plain colour, or stickers which interfere with the plate’s legibility.

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4.The wrong font

Only the standard “Charles Wright” font is acceptable.

5. An invalid flag

On flags of EU, the UK and the British nations are allowed.


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