Watch Henry Golding Dance With Cute Kids In This Deleted ‘Simple Favor’ Scene

Anyone who’s seen the movie knows that the ending of A Simple Favor is out of control bonkers. But, it almost had an even more shocking finale, because A Simple Favor almost ended with a flash mob dance scene. Spoilers ahead. Yep, after Emily (Blake Lively) gets hit by a car and is sent to prison and Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) becomes a crime-solving vlogger with 1 million followers, things were going to wrap up with Sean (Henry Golding) dancing in a schoolyard with a bunch of kids.

While the movie didn’t end up going that route, Bustle has an exclusive look at what could have been — as well as a behind-the-scenes video about the filming of the flash mob. A Simple Favor already had so much going on. Could our minds even handle it if Sean, the handsome and incredibly suspicious college professor, who mere minutes ago we thought had been shot dead, popped up dancing with a bunch of children? I’m not so sure, but there’s no denying that it’s wonderful to watch now.

And it’s not only Golding and bunch of school kids dancing in the scene. Andrew Rannells, who played a fellow parent, also pops up. Emily’s mom, who was played by Jean Smart, is there. There are also detectives and police officers showing off their moves. Check out the full deleted number below:

In addition to the scene itself, A Simple Favor also released a look at the scene being shot ahead of the movie’s Dec. 11 digital release, with DVD, Blu-Ray, and On Demand to follow on Dec. 18. In the video, director Paul Feig introduces the scene by saying, "The very first time they rehearsed it… just with the rehearsal of it, I burst into tears. I just thought it was so amazing and I was so excited about this dance number, and now it’s not in the movie."

During filming, Kendrick is clearly excited about the scene, even though she herself doesn’t get to dance. As for Smart, she says that she ended up in the scene after she "half-kiddingly" said to Feig that she wished she was part of it. According to Feig, the scene was originally part of the film because he’s a Bollywood fan and "wanted to give that feel to this, too." He continues, "Everyone goes through such heavy things during the movie, that it felt like everyone should have a good time at the end."

Well, that’s definitely true. And while A Simple Favor didn’t end with a flash mob that is at first presented as a crime scene, the characters do get fairly happy endings: Stephanie becomes a much more popular mommy vlogger/investigator, Sean moves to California, far, far away from everything that happened, and Emily, while imprisoned, is able to enjoy a nice game of basketball with her fellow inmates.

This dance scene might not be in the final cut of the movie, but it can serve a new purpose of making people happy outside of it. And soon, Henry Golding dancing with cute kids will be available in multiple formats, for you to keep forever.

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