What Could Meghan Markle's Hamsa Ring Be Protecting Her From?

During a visit to Brinsworth House, Meghan Markle sported a ring that almost stole the spotlight from her engagement ring. The unique bauble was a delicate, hand-shaped ring by Turkish brand Kismet by Milka and eagle-eyed royal fanatics noticed that it was actually a hamsa, a symbol with a long history and great meaning.

People reports that “in Jewish and Islamic culture, the hamsa — depicting an open right palm — is also thought by some to ward off the ‘evil eye,’ an ancient belief centered on a ‘curse’ that is cast upon an unsuspecting person by someone who wishes them harm.” It’s also meant to bring the wearer good health and happiness. They’re the perfect vibes for visiting a nursing home on behalf of the Royal Variety Charity, but could there be more to her ring?  What could Megan be warding off?

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There are plenty of bad vibes coming from Markle’s father, Thomas, who recently told the press that she’d been ghosting him. And there’s criticism coming from her sister, too. Over the weekend, Samantha Markle lobbed some hate her sister’s way when she said that the royal Christmas card was “a bit sad” because of the way the couple had their backs turned to the camera. Plus, the internet can’t seem to make up its mind about how much she is (or isn’t) touching her growing stomach. With all that, it’s no surprise she’d want a little good luck — and if it’s coming by way of a ring, why not?

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People notes that the ring has a few sentimental additions, too. It’s yellow gold, which Harry has said is her favorite jewelry material. It also has a blue sapphire, which is reminiscent of Princess Diana’s (now Duchess Kate’s) engagement ring. 

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