What Frankie Bridge’s son Parker’s medical condition Croup is and advice for parents

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Frankie Bridge has revealed she spent the night in A&E with her son Parker, who she shares with Wayne Bridge, after another croup attack, but what exactly is the illness?

The NHS website describes it as a “common childhood condition that mainly affects babies' and young children's airways.”

The symptoms include a barking cough that is described as sounding like a seal, a hoarse voice, difficulty breathing and a raspy sound when breathing in. The condition can often get worse at night, which is what happened for Parker.

It’s important that parents or guardians stay calm, the child is sat upright, given plenty of fluids and comforted as crying can often make the illness worse. The child should avoid steamy rooms, or inhaling steam and shouldn’t be given cough or cold medications.

Further action should be taken, and 999 should be called if the child is struggling to breath, their skin or lips start to look pale or blue, they’re unusually quiet or still and if they suddenly get a very high temperature. However, usually the symptoms are mild and pass within 48 hours but the NHS still encourage you to ring 111 in case treatment is required.

Former The Saturdays singer Frankie opened up about her son's experiences with the infection last year and has now told fans he was left struggling to breathe overnight.

The 31 year old shared an image of herself cuddling her seven year old son to social media to announce the news.

She is seen tearfully looking at the camera in a red jumper as Parker rests his head on her chest, wearing a black dressing gown.

Frankie wrote to her 1.2million Instagram followers: "Was in a&e last night with this little guy… with yet another croup attack…

"Doesn't matter how many times it happens… To see someone grasping for air is always terrifying. Breaks my heart.

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"But he's absolutely fine now… all just very sleepy…," she updated her adoring fans.

Frankie went on to share adorable footage of her youngest son Carter, five, blissfully unaware that his mum and big brother had a hospital dash overnight.

As Carter clapped whilst wearing Chelsea football club pyjamas, Frankie wrote: "This guy however. Slept all night.

"Had no idea what happened. So had me up after 3 hours and is full of beans."

Last winter, Frankie tearfully filmed herself recalling the terrifying moment her son began to have symptoms of a croup attack in November.

She told fans: "The volume wasn't on that high of the monitor and I'm a really light sleeper but I didn't hear him this time. Luckily, Wayne's mum was awake and she heard him so that was lucky.

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"We did our usual, brought him in our room, wrapped him up in a duvet, sat him by the open doors in our bedroom to get him the cold air, gave him his inhaler.

"And then, really luckily because he's been in hospital with it so many times, his doctor now gives us the little five syringes of steroids that they would usually give him.

"So, we give him that straight away when he gets it and it normally sorts him out. He's now shattered and straight back to sleep."

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