What happed to a yob filmed throwing pet rabbits into a grass verge?

A man caught on CCTV throwing two pet rabbits into a grass verge by their ears then driving off was jailed.

Gavin Towells, 39, was filmed taking a hutch from his car before he launched the animals into the undergrowth.

Locals spotted the pair and took them to the RSCPA. Towells, of Cwmbach, Aberdare, was traced and arrested.

He told police he was told to handle rabbits by their ears to stop them kicking him.

But the RSPCA’s Gemma Cooper said: “The way he treated these poor rabbits is disgusting. There are plenty of charities willing to take unwanted pets.”

Towells admitted animal cruelty raps and Merthyr magistrates gave him eight weeks, plus a 10-year ban on keeping animals.

He got a further six weeks for breaching a suspended prison sentence.

And he was prosecuted by Rhondda Cynon Taf council for fly-tipping after leaving the hutch at the scene. The rabbits have been re-homed together.

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