What Is Chip Gaines Like as a Dad?

Can you even imagine living in the Gaines household?

From what we’ve seen on the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines is a practical, loving mom and Chip Gaines is goofy and fun. He’s known for bringing home new animal pets to join the family and laughing, messing around, and having a blast even while taking care of farm chores at home. But have you ever wondered what Chip Gaines is really like as a dad?

It’s simple. If Joanna Gaines is the rock of the family, then Chip Gaines is the one who makes sure everyone is having a good time. This is how he does it.

Chip Gaines and his children | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

He’s grateful for what he has

Some believe that fame makes people greedy, but so far that’s not the case for Chip Gaines. He’s still so grounded with his beliefs and seems to recognize the value of things that really matter in life. As he told Country Living, “I really believe that I am the luckiest guy in the world to father these four (now five) beautiful babies. Hands down, it’s my favorite job of all.”

He works hard

The best way to teach kids the value of hard work is to lead by example, and that’s exactly what Chip Gaines does every day. He has some help on the farm, but he takes care of many manual labor tasks all by himself.

It turns out he learned this important lesson from his own father. “My dad taught me about the true value of hard work,” he said. “He taught me about the importance of honoring your commitments and pursuing your passions with a sense of tenacity.”

Chip Gaines pulls his daughter’s tooth | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

He wants to share his values with his kids

Chip Gaines doesn’t just work hard for no reason, however. He knows that his children are watching and chooses to involve them in the things he does so he can teach them how to be hard workers. Chip and Joanna often brought their kids along to their renovation projects and expect them to help out around the farm.

“I’ve worked really hard to make these values a part of my daily life not just for me, but for the kids, because I really believe it’s less about what you do, and more so how you do it that defines your character,” he told Country Living. “And I hope to pass all of those things on to our kids—just like my dad did for me.”

He keeps life fun

Whether you have kids or not, having a sense of humor will make life happier and more joy-filled. Chip’s irreverent, goofball personality proves this point beautifully. Being playful and embracing his inner child likely helps him connect with his kids and engage with them on a whole other level.

This is a key component to parenting because when the kids get older, they’ll be more likely reach out and connect with their dad who understands them on their level.

Chip Gaines and his four kids with Joanna as superheroes | Joanna GainesInstagram

He stays humble

There’s no denying it: Chip and Joanna Gaines are famous now. But that doesn’t mean they’ve let it go to their heads. As he told The Hollywood Reporter, “People are driving cross-country to visit our hometown, hoping to grab a coffee or a beer with us…. Things have gotten so unique and complicated that the best we can do is kind of wave from the top of the silos.”

Through it all, Chip Gaines has remained faithful to his principles of hard work and loving his family the best way he can.

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