What Jordyn Woods Is Like As A Partner, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for Jordyn Woods. This time last month, she was Kylie Jenner’s best friend and housemate — but a report released by TMZ on Feb. 19 changed all that. The site alleges that Khloe Kardashian’s partner, Tristan Thompson, had cheated again, this time with Woods. The two were reportedly seen "all over each other" at a house party. Not cool. But could we have seen all this coming by taking a closer look at what Jordyn Woods is like as a partner based on her zodiac sign? Since the story broke that Khloe and Thompson have reportedly split up as a result of the rumors, Woods subsequently moved out of Kylie’s home and appears to be be set to tell her side of the story on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk on Friday, March 1. Like I said, it’s been a wild couple of weeks.

Woods was born September 23 under the sign of Libra. This sign is represented by the scales because they are so focused on finding balance and justice. They are also ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love, so they tend toward being very romantic and loving in relationships. That is all to say that when you are loved by a Libra, it can be very intoxicating and balancing. However, like all the signs, Libra has its struggles — and when you take into consideration all that has happened with Woods in recent weeks, it kind of make sense. Here’s what we know about how this sign behaves in a relationship.

1Libra is very flirtatious.

Libras are known for being the social butterfly of the zodiac. They are extremely charming and easy going. People are magnetically drawn to this sign’s innate charisma. Plus, Libras really know how to turn it on when it comes to flirting. For the most part, it’s all harmless. After all, who doesn’t love a little attention? Where this becomes an issue is when their equally powerful drive to avoid confrontation throws them off balance. In those cases, they can make decisions that go against their typical desire to pursue justice and fairness, and that is where this sign gets into trouble.

2Libras love to be in love.

Thanks to their connection to Venus, Libra is a sign that really does live for falling in love. They are drawn the the duality of a partnership and seek to find a soulmate to balance them out. When they are in a relationship, they are extremely generous with their heart and will do just about anything to make sure that their partner is happy. They are also excellent listeners with a genuine gift for empathy, which makes them both wonderful partners and friends. That is, so long as they are getting the same treatment in return. Balance is everything to Libra.

3Libras are old school romantics — with a freaky side.

While Libra is an infamous flirt who exudes sexual energy, in their heart of hearts they are really just a romantic who would actually prefer over-the-top expressions of love than sex itself. They love all the traditional forms for romance like flowers, candy, and love letters. But when the bedroom door closes, this is a sign that is here to please, which is why they get such rave reviews as lovers. They love to give and give, if you know what I mean, so there is never a dull moment in Libra’s boudoir.

What does all this mean for Woods? The takeaway here is that people are complicated. We will never know 100 percent what did and didn’t happen between her and Thompson, so it’s probably best to keep an open mind and kind heart and just hope that, when all the dust settles, everyone involved ends up in a happier and healthier place.

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