What to Buy the Aquarius in Your Life

Aquarians are eccentric, intellectual, and total individuals. They wear their quirks with pride, whether it’s electric blue hair, a passion for Stranger Things, or an avant-garde fashion sense. “Aquarius is the nerd sign of the Zodiac,” says New Jersey-based astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight, Kathy Biehl. Born between January 21 and February 18, Aquarians have a low threshold for boredom, they love brain teasers and are creative problem-solvers. Whimsical gadgets relating to their idiosyncratic obsessions — and Aquarians tend to have them — are surefire hits when it comes to gift-giving, as are fun activities that will get their minds working while surrounding them with friends, like an Escape the Room challenge or a bar trivia night.

“Friendship is a religion to an Aquarius,” says Biehl, but while they’re warm and sociable, emotional expression is not their preferred flavor. “Some say they deal better with humanity as a concept than with people up close,” she says. They love helping others, from their family and friends to the stranger who looks lost on the street. So if you’re dating a Aquarian, you might realize they show support by doing things that make you smile — helping you move, texting you the perfectly you meme — rather than opening up about their feels. An accessory featuring their favorite sci-fi franchise or a donation to the charity they volunteer with will prove you’re paying attention to what’s important to them, too.

When in doubt, opt for a bold statement piece in blue or metallics that’s a little wild but you know your Aquarian friend can rock. Aquarians are hip. Like, the-first-to-wear-a-fanny-pack-over-your-shoulder hip. Ruled by Uranus, they’re progressive visionaries, years ahead of the curve in thought and style.

Cool Graphic Tee


“They’re early adopters,” says Biehl of Aquarians, who tend to be fashion leaders. A cool graphic tee will complete your winter-born friend’s casual, downtown look. The air sign is also “often into things having to do with outer space,” so the galactic theme of this Moschino option will go the distance.
Moschino Oversized T-shirt, $395; net-a-porter.com

Unconventional Handbag


Shopping for a friend whose style you haven’t quite pinned down? Don’t be afraid to take a risk — the Aquarian in your life definitely isn’t. Accessories that others might shy away from are exactly the kind of statement pieces they love to pull off, like this industrial Off-White bag.
Off-White Small Striped Leather Box Bag, $954; saksfifthavenue.com

Electric Eyeshadow


We’re betting your Aquarian friend would be an artist with an out-there palette of blue and green eyeshadow.
Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette, $27; sephora.com

Statement Jewelry


Biehl says she can often spot an Aquarian by their funky, loud choices when it comes to fine jewelry. These retro textured gold-and-diamond wing earrings would be a sure tell.
Rive Gauche Ear Clip, $4,200; rivegauchejewelry.com

A Star Map


Lean into Aquarians’ fascination with outer space by picking a significant date you share with the one in your life. Then have a personalized star map created to display exactly what the skies looked like that night from her vantage point. It’s a great way to celebrate romantic landmarks like first kisses, engagements, and anniversaries, too.
Personalized Star Map, $19; etsy.com

A Techy Gadget


Does the Aquarian in your life have other idiosyncratic obsessions? Aquarians often do – so embrace them. “I would find some nifty, whimsical gadget or playful computer accessory having to do with that,” says Biehl. You can never go wrong with a portable, bluetooth, sound-activated speaker or a Google Home Mini.
Google Home Mini, $49; walmart.com

A Donation in Their Name


As natural humanitarians, people born in Aquarius season are often the first to raise their hand and volunteer, especially when it comes to charity work. “They might actually like it if you gave a donation to Oxfam or adopted an animal at the zoo in their name,” Biehl says.
Oxfam; oxfamamerica.org

A Brain Teaser


Aquarius folks love an intellectual challenge that keeps them busy, like a trip to Escape the Room. “They would work very hard to figure out how to get out of there,” and probably lead your group to victory, says Biehl.
Escape The Room; escapetheroom.com

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