What to Buy the Gemini in Your Life

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are chatty, clever, and curious about the world. Witty, playful wordsmiths and voracious readers, they’re highly sociable and can talk a stranger’s ear off — but they’re great listeners and students too. If you were to cast a Gemini in a classic Hollywood role, they’d be the scrappy investigative reporter with a natural inquisitiveness and a talent for storytelling. “It’s the Zodiac sign of the journalist,” says astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight Kathy Biehl. Books, magazines, personalized stationery, and punny cards would make them smile.

Geminis want to experience everything life has to offer, and often feel like they’re running out of time, so they may try to take it all in at once. “Gemini” — the twins — “is the multi-tasker of the Zodiac,” says Biehl, “and sometimes has multiple personalities, as well,” the first fun-loving and chatty, the second serious and impatient. You’ll sense a duality with Geminis, who always feel like they’re searching for their other half.

Everything comes in twos for Gemini, so adhere to the old adage, “If it’s nice, buy it twice.” They like variety, so gift them notebooks in multiple colors or a set of fashion-forward accessories — they’re also always on top of trends, interested in what’s next. The Gemini’s favorite twosome, though, is the double entendre. A tongue-in-cheek slogan T-shirt or a game like Cards Against Humanity will excite them. “They’re often very funny. They can be little pranksters,” says Biehl of the wordplay-loving sign. “A Gemini friend of mine sent me goofy postcards for weeks that had nothing to do with anything. They don’t express emotion like other people do, but they’ll do goofy, playful things. And they’re gadget geeks.” Get your Gemini a present as whimsical as they are.

Big Wick Energy Candle


You Gemini loves silly, side-splitting jokes, “especially if they include puns,” says Biehl. This Big Wick Energy candle lampooning this summer’s popular Big Dick Energy meme would quickly become their new prized vanity addition.
Big Wick energy Candle, $30; shopbetches.com

Literary Tote


Appeal to your Gemini’s inner bookworm with a cheeky literary tote bag. “Gemini travels easily and loves short trips around town,” says Biehl. They need a place for their papers, pens, and books while they’re on the go.
Library Card Tote Bag, $20; uncommongoods.com

Jewelry Set


Geminis stay on top of trends and like to change things up. Gift them a set of tassel earrings so they can pick a pair that suits their mood. Or twin with them. They especially enjoy fashion items in day-glo-ish shades of yellow and lime green, says Biehl.
The Ultimate Tassel Earring Set, $42; baublebar.com

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Personalized Stationery


Your Gemini loves to communicate, especially through the written words. So give them a classic, timeless gift that’ll keep them company while they catch up on their correspondence: stationery.

Scrabble Coasters


Celebrate your Gemini’s love of wordplay and games in one with these clever decorative coasters from Etsy. “They love the kind [of gift] that has a wink to it,” says Biehl.
Scrabble Coasters, $22; etsy.com



A Gemini always has a story to tell, and their words are sacred to them. Surprise yours with a beautiful notebook and pen.
Half Moon Journal, $23; papersource.com

Smart Watch


Your youthful “gadget geek” loves to tinker with new toys — and keep in touch while wandering about town. An Apple Watch will spark their curiosity.
Apple Watch, $400; bestbuy.com

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