What’s Really Going On With Teen Mom OG’s Cory and Cheyenne?

Kicking and screaming. Although Amber Portwood quit the show in the season finale, she still showed up on the Teen Mom OG: Backstage Pass special that aired Monday, January 7 — but that didn’t mean that she was happy about it.

Wearing a sweatshirt that read, “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come,” Amber began flipping off the cameras as soon as she arrived.

“I’m quitting the show,” she told producer Larry Musnik. “What I think is — and not trying to be a b—ch — but it’s really hard, the way I’m being treated, when I work my ass off. I have postpartum depression, and I am right here.”

If you caught the Teen Mom OG reunion, you already know that Amber eventually agreed to return to the show, but that doesn’t mean filming was easy for her. Later, when she had the chance to catch up with Catelynn Lowell, she told her that she did feel like her depression was getting a little better, but she still had her more difficult days.

“Everything’s been amplified. Everything’s irritating. I’m tired constantly,” she said.

Bristol and Dakota Make Nice

Bristol Palin was pretty nervous about facing Dakota Meyer again … and being in the position of watching clips from the season back, since she’d never had to examine her own life that way before.

But when they came face to face backstage, things went a lot more smoothly than they have on the show this season, especially with Gary Shirley there to mediate as they all talked about coparenting.

“I’m not perfect. We still argue. Kristina and I argue. Amber and I argue,” Gary said. “You never know, it might not be over.”

Later, Dakota even had a few sweet words to share about Bristol and how she coped with his PTSD while they were still married.

“A lot of military spouses, they go through it with them,” Dakota said. “It’s hard enough to be married without PTSD … Here’s what I’ll tell you: I think Bristol did the best Bristol could do.”

Catch Up

While Catelynn and Maci Bookout were getting their makeup done, they talked about Ryan Edwards being back in treatment and what Maci’s plans were for coparenting once he was home.

“When he gets home, we’re gonna try to talk to our attorney about seeing if it’s even possible to get a temporary hold,” Maci said of her protection order against him. “I wish there was, like, a way to get him to stay in sober living.”

Then, Maci asked Catelynn about how her relationship with Tyler Baltierra was going, and it sounded like their separation was going as well as a separation could.

“We go to therapy together once a week and stuff, you know, just hitting some bumps in the road or whatever … but it happens,” Catelynn said. “He wanted to have a ‘30 days to himself’ type thing, especially with me going to treatment, he had to do so much. So I support him in that.”

Happily Ever After?

Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd received a lot of teasing from the rest of the cast about their relationship, which they both swore was not headed in a romantic direction — even though no one believed that.

“All I’m gonna tell you is you’d better marry Cheyenne,” Dakota said. “You’d be dumb if you didn’t.”

“I think that we can be together but right now’s not the time,” Cory said. “I’m not gonna lead her on and then not be ready to marry her.”

And as for Cheyenne’s feelings on the subject? While talking to Amber, she admitted that while the pressure to be with Cory was hard, she knew it was for the best that they weren’t together — at least for now.

“I respect that he’s able to say, ‘Hey, let’s not do this right now,’” she said. “I’ll take that rather than someone feeding me some bulls—t, feeding me a dream and then I get hurt and it turns ugly. How long are we doing this for? How long am I gonna be letting the lines get blurred?”

Later, Cory pretended to ask her to marry him, which made them both laugh. Could there still be sparks between them? We’ll have to wait ‘til next season to find out.

Teen Mom 2 premieres Monday, January 14, at 9 p.m. ET.

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