When Does Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Premiere? This Tweet May Have Accidentally Revealed It

Netflix’s The Witcher is one of the streaming service’s more anticipated 2019 releases. It’s based on a best-selling fantasy series and starring Henry Cavill. Netflix has never come right out and said this is its answer to filling the hole Game of Thrones left behind, but it doesn’t have to. Fans have assumed it there anyway. With eight episodes set to cover the first book of the series, fans have been asking, when does Netflix’s The Witcher premiere? It turns out Netflix might have accidentally told them via Twitter.

It wouldn’t be the first time Netflix’s social media account got a little over-excited and spilled an embargoed bit of release information. Last year, the Netflix account tweeted a list of December release dates with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch listed on it, despite that premiere being embargoed.

The new post, which suggested when The Witcher would premiere, was not quite so easy to put together. Instead, it was a list of "How many sleeps until" for several hotly anticipated releases coming in 2019. For example, The Politician, which arrives on Friday, Sept. 27, had "16" next to it, representing the number of nights between the tweet’s Sept. 11 posting and the date in question. Peaky Blinders had "23" (Oct. 4), the Breaking Bad movie had "30" (Oct. 11), and The Crown Season 3 had "67" (Nov. 17).

As for The Witcher, here is a screengrab via CBR.com, of the corresponding Facebook post that also went out with the same list:

With a listing of "97" days until release, that means The Witcher arrives one month after The Crown, aka Dec. 17, 2019, making it a Tuesday release.

(Also included on this list? You Season 2, with "110" sleeps, which makes it a Dec. 31 release. Mark your calendars accordingly.)

The Witcher is based on a series of novels and short stories that began in 1993 by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The series has since been adapted into graphic novels and video games. Here’s the official synopsis, via Netflix:

Netflix, naturally, has not confirmed nor denied the Dec. 17 release. But considering the streaming service has begun to spread content out across the week, a Tuesday release for this highly anticipated series would make a lot of sense. Dec. 17 also happens to be the first Tuesday after most college campuses close and "back half of December" vacations start for families. That makes it a perfect time for a fantasy series aimed at the whole family to arrive.

Fans will be keeping a close eye on any confirmation one way or the other for The Witcher‘s release date from here on out.

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