Where Did Bethenny Frankel from 'RHONYC' Spend Christmas Night?

Bethenny Frankel | Bethenny Frankel Instagram

After several dark months, Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City seems to have found some light around Christmastime. Frankel’s boyfriend Dennis Shields died suddenly in August. Since then, Frankel laid low, clearly grieving.

However, a rumored new man came into Frankel’s life. And she recently confirmed that indeed Paul Bernon is her boyfriend, E News reports. The couple made news when Frankel posted on her Instagram they spent part of the Christmas holiday together in the Dominican Republic. But, the holiday was not spent in just one place. In fact, Frankel added to her Instagram story where the couple spent Christmas night, including a funny snap of one famous family who she may have crossed paths.

She hilariously trolled this infamous jet

Bethenny Frankel Instagram

The couple appeared to celebrate Christmas night in Palm Beach, Florida. Because as Frankel’s jet arrives at the airport, she slowly rolls by the Trump family plane. As she lands, Frankel posted to her Instagram story, “Wait for it, you might miss it @realDonaldTrump.”

Frankel’s plane taxis by the tail of the Trump jet and travels by the words, “Trump” seen along the side of the enormous jet. The jet likely carried the Trump family, without the president. The Trump administration recently shut down the government over the Christmas holiday. However, Trump’s family flew to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, while Trump stewed in Washington D.C.

And heads to a luxury evening

After spotting the Trump family jet, Frankel films her luxury digs for the evening. On her way in, she captures a beautiful Palm Beach landmark, lit up in green and red. She also grabs a video of a majestic fountain, also lit with red and green. The fountain is featured down a regal road lined with royal palms. The trees are covered in lights and Frankel adds a snow filter for fun.

Including a view from her room

Bethenny Frankel Instagram

The couple may have settled in their hotel room, as Frankel adds a sunset video of their view. She pans over the pool area from a balcony. The sun is just setting over the pool and ocean as the palm trees sway gently before the breezy Florida skies.

Except for a few lone guests, the hotel pool area is deserted as Frankel pans from right to left. Small lights have illuminated around the pool area as dusk sets over the area. She shows the calm, relaxing scene, along with the just word, “Mood.”

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