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We may never find out what really happened Below Deck because at least one cast member says she won’t be attending. Not surprising, but former third stew Caroline Bedol tweeted that she’s ditching the reunion.

Her reason on Twitter was that she “doesn’t work for free.”  But is that really it? Chances are, she doesn’t want to face the crew she just lobbed a number of damaging allegations toward. This includes a report of verbal abuse from chief stew Kate Chastain. Plus she alleges Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter drank alcohol while on charter.

Bedol also tweeted this cryptic message, “Nah. Actually… WON a war against allies, @TvbyBravo @51Minds @Kate_Chastain.  It’s curtains for Kate. Let’s pretend like she’ll be back for Season7 of #BelowDeck just for funsies.” And while Bedol won’t be the first Below Deck cast member to blow off the reunion, viewers hope she will reconsider.

Bedol holds firm on the reason why she won’t attend

In an additional tweet, she wrote, “Wish I could say I’m cool with having to pretend @andy is delightful, PRO BONO, but nah.”  However, Bedol seems to admit attending would be awkward (which is a big definite).

“Does it matter if I wasn’t [asked to join the reunion]?” she tweeted. “The point is, it’s going to be the most awkward reunion ever. Here’s the line-up: Rhylee, Ross, Ashton, the new stew Ashton bangs, the new hot but dim deckie, Chef, Kate, Josiah, Cappy. Bet ratings are thru the roof.”

Followers ask Bedol to attend

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One Twitter follower seems optimistic and writes, “I am! But it would be much better to see you there chatting with everyone!!” Another writes, “I am saying this out of concern. I give you props for giving this a shot but reality TV and social media may not be the best thing for you. It’s brutal and I think moving on will help you find happiness.”

Also wrote, “Girl. C’mon. They might have been mean, but be an adult.”

She wouldn’t be the first to blow off the reunion

Another no-show may be Chandler Brooks, although he has not made a statement that he won’t be attending. In fact, Brooks has been completely silent throughout the entire series.

Below Deck fans likely remember when Chef Leon Walker from season three refused to show up to the reunion. Walker was canned after a kitchen fire started due to dirty pans sitting inside the galley oven.

Walker released a statement to RMH, I decided to decline the invitation from Bravo to attend the reunion show due to the nature in which they have portrayed me, not only as a chef but as a man. I was part of a show which obviously had a motive to cause controversy and divide the viewers based on the character the show wanted the audience to see. I know who I am and know those closest to me will vouch for my talents as a chef and passion for life, family and friends. At the end of the day I have contributed to the very high ratings for the show. I just wish bravo had been honest with the storyline.”

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