Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby be a prince or princess or have a lesser title?

Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby be a prince or princess?

The answer is no. There are very specific rules within the British Royal Family as to who can be considered a prince or princess.

The Queen specifically changed royal rules to privilege Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children, however.

Before 2012 only the only the oldest son of the Prince of Wales’s oldest son was allowed to be a prince, and to be called His Royal Highness.

Meghan Markle baby news: Will Prince Harry child be a prince or princess?

This was made royal law by King George V in 1917.

Under these rules only Prince George could be a prince, none of the rest of William’s children.

However, the Queen changed the rules in December 2012.

The statement read: “The Queen has been pleased by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Realm dated 31 December 2012 to declare that all the children of the eldest son of The Prince of Wales should have and enjoy the style, title and attribute of Royal Highness with the titular dignity of Prince or Princess prefixed to their Christian names or with such other titles of honour.”

So, while all of William’s children have the grand title, Harry’s children will not.

If Harry and Meghan have a boy he will have the title Earl of Dumbarton, and a little girl would have the title “Lady”.

Harry and Meghan will not follow in the footsteps of Kate and William and Princess Diana in one certain way.

The couple have revealed they won’t pose for pictures shortly after the birth of their baby.

A statement from Buckingham Palace said: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful for the goodwill they have received from people throughout the United Kingdom and around the world as they prepare to welcome their baby.

“Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private.

Meghan Markle’s sweetest moments with children

The Duchess of Sussex likes to dish out warm embraces to the public during her royal engagements with a fondness for children

Meghan Markle plays with a baby as she greet well-wishers at The Crown Liquor Saloon

“The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.”

Where will Meghan Markle give birth? It is thought she might choose Frimley Park hospital. 

Local mums have revealed all about the hospital, with one describing it as like a hotel.

Jennifer Mancey said: “It’s like going into a hotel. The beds were perfectly made out as if they’ve just been ironed. Every room was different so it was more personal to you.”

Another mother dished all on the “perfect” private suite. Jessica Moore said: “The food is, for hospital food, fantastic. It’s really good, healthy food and cooked fresh.”

The royal line of succession – who outranks who?

The line of succession to the British throne dictates the order in which each member of the Royal

Family would ascend to the throne. It is also seen as a ranking of importance with the head of the line, the Queen, taking the place of ruler.

Older children come before younger children. Traditionally boys came before girls, but this law was

changed on 26 March 2015 before the birth of Prince William’s first child.

Incredibly, Catholics are still excluded from the line of succession, as are children born outside of wedlock.

The royals, who usually stick to a strict protocol when appearing in public, often arrive at events in ascending order of importance, with the most important royal arriving last.

Prince Charles, 70, is currently second-in-line to the British throne, followed by Prince William, 37, his oldest son.

Then comes Prince William’s children, George, five, Charlotte, three, and Louis, almost one, and they are followed by Prince Harry, 37.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s child will come next when they are born.

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