Win a trip to Amsterdam and a chance to have your selfie displayed at Rembrandt exhibition

Next month the biggest-ever tribute to Rembrandt, the artist who created more self-portraits than any other painter, opens in Amsterdam.

The exhibition will feature 400 of the master’s pictures PLUS a selfie created by a lucky Sun reader.

We want YOU to take a photo on your phone inspired by one of Rembrandt’s works — a selfie, or a group snap with mates or family.

And the winning Sun phone photo will be displayed at the Rijksmuseum, which is marking the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death with a massive exhibition.

Our winner and a guest will win a two-night stay in Amsterdam, with a private tour of the All The Rembrandts exhibition.

A life in pictures

  • MILLER’S son Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden in 1606 and painted his first selfie aged 22 – going for a moody look.
  • Moved to Amsterdam in 1631. Painted portraits of the rich and married Saskia, daughter of a posh lawyer. His sexy sketches of her sold like hot cakes.
  • When Saskia became ill he hired a young woman, Geertje, to help in the house. She and Rembrandt were soon lovers.
  • On Saskia’s death in 1642, Geertje expected Rembrandt to marry her, but he did not. She later sued him for breach of promise, by which time the artist was sleeping with another servant girl. To shut Geertje up, he committed her to an asylum where she stayed for 12 years.
  • Lavish lifestyle saw painter, 50, declared bankrupt in 1656.
  • Painted the last of nearly 100 self-portraits shortly before he died in October 1669, aged 63.

Museum director Taco Dibbits said: “When you see the see the hundreds of prints and paintings Rembrandt created it’s like looking at somebody’s social media account.

Here are Taco Dibbit's tips to make a winning picture

Taco will be one of our expert judges who will pick the best Sun Reader Rembrandt selfie.

To enter, check out Rembrandt’s pictures in a gallery or online for inspiration, then take as many pictures as you like and upload them by midnight on the night of Monday, February 4.

  • All The Rembrandts is on at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam from Feb 15 to June 10. For terms and conditions, click here.

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