Woman baffled as Royal Mail delivers ‘piece of letter’ after it gets damaged

A woman left social media users in hysterics after Royal Mail delivered just a segment of a letter.

Naomi, who posts under the username @sapphirebride, revealed the post had been "damaged" en route.

She was so puzzled by the delivery that she filmed herself unpacking it and shared the clip on social media.

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In the video, Naomi points the camera at a plastic package, which featured the Royal Mail's branding.

The company offered "sincere apologies" that her letter inside was damaged – but she was utterly baffled how it even made it to her.

Inside was just a segment of a letter – with no address – around two centimetres wide from the top right corner to the bottom right corner.

Naomi said in the clip: "So the Royal Mail has just had to deliver my post in this little bag because it got damaged.

"It got a bit ripped. Let me just show you the damage letter that they delivered. That's it. That's all there is.

"There's no other pieces to this. This is all they gave me. I don't even know. I don't. How did they know to deliver it to me?"

TikTok users were left cackling with laughter ar the video, which has gained more than 89,000 likes.

Many people were just as confused as she was.

One viewer wrote: "You have to admire them. No address and you still got it!!"

Another commented: "Maybe you’ll get the other three quarters tomorrow."

A third added: "How did they know who to send it to?"

"Yeah they totally just sent that!!!!!," a fourth said.

Royal Mail was contacted for a comment by Daily Star – but were unable to respond.

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The news comes as the price of first class stamps is set to rise within just a few weeks, according to Royal Mail.

The firm announced the stamps will go up from £1.10 to £1.25 on October 2.

But second class stamps are due to remain at the same price, just 75p.

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