Woman blasts police for waking her at 1am to tell her off for parking badly

A woman almost had a "heart attack" after police started banging on her door at 1:30am – only to tell her she failed to park properly the day before.

Sarah Lester, 66 and from Hertfordshire, blasted the police for their "vindicative" act, which woke her up and made her fear the worst had happened to one of her children.

Ms Lester, who lives in Borehamwood, admitted she had parked badly but said she was yet to receive justification for the police showing up at her property at such hours of on February 9.

The "shocked" woman had expected the officer to be bearing bad news, but he merely admonished the parent for parking her car onto the grass curb outside her home.

The car had been on the curb between 8:30pm and 10:15pm the night before.

Ms Lester said she didn’t want to open the door while alone at home and so had called 999.

She claims they replied to her saying "’it’s a police car outside and you need to open the door’".

"I almost passed out, I thought something terrible had happened to one of my children; it was horrendous, I just froze", she told the BBC .

She wondered why the officer had walked passed her car earlier but had failed to check whose it was, or why he couldn’t just leave a ticket on her car.

"Why not come in the morning? He had driven passed earlier that evening but did not check to see whose car it was or give me a ticket," she added to the Telegraph.

"I was shaken and very upset – it feels like an abuse of power."

Ms Lester has now lodged a complaint with Hertfordshire Constabulary and local MP Oliver Dowden.

A police spokesman told the BBC the Professional Standards Department was dealing with the complaint, the officer would be spoken to and Ms Lester would be updated "in due course".

"Due to the pending investigation it would be inappropriate for us to comment any further at this stage," he added.

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