Woman claims serum made from wild MUSTARD extract helped improve acne

Woman, 24, who was bullied and felt like a ‘freak’ due to her severe acne claims serum made from wild MUSTARD extract helped to improve her skin in just two weeks

  • Rebekah Cameron, 24, from Merseyside, developed acne at 11-years-old
  • Told how she had a 13-year battle with the skin condition and felt like a ‘freak’
  • Claimed found unlikely solution in form of £12.95 serum made from wild mustard

A woman who was bullied because of her severe acne has claimed that a treatment made from wild mustard extract helped to improve her skin in just two weeks.

Rebekah Cameron, 24, from Merseyside, who lives with her dog Finn, first got acne when she was 11-years-old, and went on to have a 13-year battle with the skin condition.

Despite trying several over-the-counter products, the customer service advisor says nothing seemed to work – until she found an unlikely solution in the form of a £12.95 natural acne product called Sebopure. 

Rebekah claimed she started to notice a difference after two weeks, and six weeks on and her live acne has all but cleared – and she just has some scarring left.

Rebekah Cameron, 24, from Merseyside, who lives with her dog Finn, first got acne when she was 11-years-old. Pictured, Rebekah’s skin at its worst in March 2020

The 24-year-old, who went on to have a 13 year battle with the skin condition, has since praised an unlikely solution in the form of a £12.95 product made from wild mustard. Pictured in August 2020, after applying the product

Rebekah says her acne started out as small bumps on her forehead but within a year, it was all over her face and developed into cystic acne.

‘My acne is definitely genetic, all my siblings have had some form of acne and my dad had acne when he was younger,’ she explained. ‘I saw a doctor about my acne when I was 12 who prescribed different creams and an oral antibiotic.

‘With all these treatments they would work for a few months and then as soon as I stopped or sometimes even while I was still using them, the acne would come back worse than it was before.’

From the moment she started getting acne, the 24-year-old says it made her feel ‘very anxious’ in public. 

Rebekah praised Clarol’s Sebopure (pictured), £12.95 for 50ml, from www.clarol.co.uk, for helping to dramatically improve her skin

‘By age 13, I was wearing a lot of make-up and covered my face as much as I could with my hair,’ she explained. 

‘Despite trying to hide my acne I would often hear other kids at school make comments and laugh behind my back about my skin. 

‘I can remember when I was 13 some boys calling me “fodzilla.” I thought it was because I had a big forehead and laughed it off, but then I found out it was because of my acne on my forehead, I cried and was really upset. I felt like a freak.’

Even my friends would comment on my acne; they would say things like: ‘You’d be pretty if you didn’t have spots’. 

Rebekah says it made her feel ‘really insecure’ and like she ‘wasn’t good enough.’

‘Having acne from a young age had a massive impact on my confidence,’ she continued. ‘It affected every aspect of my life, destroyed my confidence and gave me chronic anxiety.

‘I always think that people are looking at my skin and so I find it hard to look at people in the eye.’

‘I would avoid going out if my skin was really bad. I would even wear make-up in front of my own family I was so ashamed of my skin.’

Rebekah says her acne started out as small bumps on her forehead but within a year, it was all over her face and developed into cystic acne. Pictured, in May 2020, before applying the product 

Rebekah says there were days where she wouldn’t go to school or college, or even work because of how bad her skin was. 

‘I’d stay in bed and cry, I didn’t want to look at myself or have anyone look at me,’ she explained. ‘There have been times when I’ve had plans and done my make-up to try and hide my acne, then once outside I’ve cried because of how bad it looks in daylight and turned around gone home.’


Skin prone to acne and break outs produces excess sebum.

But it’s not the amount of sebum being produced that is the problem.

Acne is caused by the oxidisation of this excess sebum as it reaches the skin’s surface mixed with external dirt and bacteria. 

This contaminated mix causes the sebum to quickly become ‘rotten’ leading to pore blockages and inflammation.

Sebopure, by UK skincare brand Clarol, is an innovative new anti-acne treatment that controls acne by keeping sebum production pure using a patented ingredient derived from wild mustard leaf oil.

Via purifying sebum production, pore blockages and inflammation are reduced while the body can continued to process sebum naturally.

Sebopure contains a patented natural ingredient called Pixalia ™* made from a concentrated leaf oil extract from the Cleome Gynandra (wild mustard) plant. 

Pixalia ™ has been scientifically proven as an active preserver due to naturally derived Rutin and hydroxycinnamic acid present in the plant extract.

Instead of working against the skin’s natural processes through the use of harsh anti-bacterial agents or sebum blocking products, Sebopure works in harmony with the skin’s natural sebum production, keeping sebum pure to prevent acne while not damaging or drying skin. 

She continued: ‘In terms of relationships I’ve been lucky in that most of my boyfriends were supportive but even so, I’d never take my make-up off in front of a boyfriend for fear of what they would think of the ‘real me’.

Over the last year, the customer service advisor says her acne was the worst it’s ever been. 

‘At the start of this year, I had so many cysts all over my cheeks it was painful to sleep on either side of my face and I needed to use Ibuprofen gel to help reduce the pain just enough to allow me to sleep,’ she explained. 

‘I’m obviously unable to stay on antibiotics indefinitely.’

Like many people who suffer with acne, Rebekah started spending much of her spare time on acne blogs asking advice from other sufferers and also reading what other people recommend. 

That is how she first found out about Sebopure, from Clarol.

‘I purchased SeboPure at the start of June and within two weeks it was already working,’ said Rebekah. 

‘I noticed a massive improvement in my skin. In July 2020 I ordered more plus other Clarol products and I noticed even more improvements.’

Now, in August, Rebekah says her skin is almost fully clear.

‘All I have left are some scars,’ she explained. ‘I don’t really have any more live acne.’

‘As I have very sensitive skin, usually a product will burn or make my skin red or dry. 

‘None of the Clarol products sting my skin at all. I actually didn’t think they would work because I always associate strong burning chemicals with results.

Not only has my acne more or less gone I noticed how less oily my skin was straight away.’

She continued: I have really oily skin so this was amazing. I also noticed that I had fewer blackheads than usual.’

After a week or so, Rebekah says her pores looked smaller and her skin overall was clearer, less oily, softer and smoother.

‘These are honestly the first products I’ve ever used in 13 years of having acne that have actually worked,’ she said.

From the moment she started getting acne, the 24-year-old says it made her feel ‘very anxious’ in public. Pictured, before applying the product 

Rebekah’s skin pictured in January 2020 (left) and May 2020 (right), before applying the product

Rebekah claimed she started to notice a difference after two weeks of using Sebopure. Pictured, 

‘My skin is almost completely clear within three months. For me it’s been life-changing and I can’t believe there are products out there like this without nasty chemicals in them that people like me, suffering for all these years, don’t get to hear about.’

‘I have since got my 15-year old brother on Sebopure for his acne; he’s been using it for just two weeks and it’s already starting to clear his skin.’

She added: ‘I just wish I could tell every teenager suffering from acne like I did about these products and to let them know there are solutions that really do work and there is light at the end of the tunnel and not to give up hope. 

People who have never had acne do not understand the impact it has on young people’s lives, it’s devastating.’

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