Woman defies trolls who tell her to ‘lose weight’ by dancing in tiny bikini

Body-positive influencer Karina Irby clapped back at haters who branded her fat.

The Australian beauty, who works as a swimwear designer, earns praise from her followers by showing her body with no filters or photo editing.

She normalises the natural folds of her figure, as well as skin texture and "cellulite".

And for her latest Instagram post, she reacted to a troll who urged her to "lose weight".

Instead of getting upset by the keyboard warrior's comment, the 32-year-old gave them a perfect response.

She dressed up in a brightly coloured bikini and shook her hips as she lip synced over a song.

The lyrics say: "That's not, that's not what the kids want to see. Have you ever seen TikTok?"

Karina presses on her stomach to make her waist appear smaller, highlighting that kids on TikTok "don't want to see that".

Instead, she says her viewers prefer to see real bodies.

So she bounces in front of the camera to off her natural curves.

"Size doesn’t matter. Personality is everything!" the 32-year-old wrote in the caption.

"You’ll go further in life being a kind, fun and enthusiastic person. But if you can’t spell 'lose' correctly… well… I can’t say the same for you."

Karina previously spoke about how she lost "too much weight" in a bid to fit beauty standards and "thin culture".

She's learned to embrace her stunning figure nowadays though, which she has a "huge love" for.

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"I was incredibly self conscious of my booty smile and would only wear boardshorts to the beach," the influencer said.

"I'd 'lift' my butt cheeks in the mirror to see what I'd look like if I didn't have them. Seriously, it was the whole deal!

"It’s interesting how certain body types go in and out of 'fashion'. It’s sad isn’t it?

"Your body shape isn’t fashion. Don’t forgot that."

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