Woman left horrified at partner’s cheese on toast attempt – so wants a divorce

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses within relationships – perhaps your partner is better at hoovering than you are.

Or, maybe, you are the stronger candidate for making sure the dishes are squeaky clean.

However, this one bloke’s cooking skills have left his wife questioning their entire relationship – to the point she is thinking of getting a divorce.

Now, this may seem drastic but after being made a ‘monstrous’ cheese on toast by her lover the response appears to be justified.

Taking to Reddit, the wife shared a picture of the measly concoction as she asked: “Divorce, or stay together for the children?”

And looking at the picture of the cheese on toast, it is obvious why she wants to end the marriage.

Instead of cheese coating the toast, it's only half melted into four small dollops.

The sad-looking cheese is on top of a singular slice of seeded bread – enough to offend anyone.

Equally horrified by the apparent ‘cheese on toast’, many people fled to the comments to urge the woman to get away as fast as she could.

One person gasped: “Oh the horrors…Perhaps a stern final warning and an important discussion on adequate cheese coverage."

Another user suggested: “Divorce and do a swap with me and my boyfriend. That’s how he makes cheese on toast. They’d be a perfect match, and we can live a happy life together with proper cheese coverage.”

A third person questioned: “What? That's not even remotely cheese on toast. It's barely cheese on bread.”

Someone else urged: “Divorce to save your children from this monstrosity.”

As a fifth person remarked: “Blimey, you’re in the doghouse for something. A discussion is needed to determine how to go forward after being presented with that.”

The original poster chuckled: “You are all extremely intense about cheese on toast. Bravo. God save the Queen.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the 'cheese on toast' attempt is divorce worthy!

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