Woman stops wearing bras after trying ‘game-changing’ swimsuit hack

A woman has shared an "invisible bra hack" for people who want to go "bra-free" during hot summer days.

Mikayla Whitney, from Rhode Island, US, found a way to ditch the lingerie without worrying that she might flash her nipples by accident.

Dubbed as a game-changing hack, she explained on TikTok: "I had to show you guys this little hack – it's a no-bra hack.

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"I wore this dress yesterday, I don't like wearing a bra and I normally don't have to but I want the actual shape and not nipple-ly.

"The dress wasn't tight enough to stick swimsuit pads in it or have it stapled.

"So I did double-sided tape on the front of the pad and pressed it against to where I wanted it.

"And it just stayed in place, you can kind of see where they are but when the dress is against me and it looks natural."

Mikayla also said nude bras are not the best to wear in the summer because the adhesive will come off due to the sweats.

Women were quick to comment and many said they have never thought of doing it.

"That's genius!" one said and another wrote: "I love that idea!"

Mikayla suggested to use removable bra pads from any swimsuits or sports bra pads.

"I will never be wearing a bra in 38C weather again," she added.

"It's a game changer! You have to try it, my friend was like 'wait, you have to post this, why don't we all do this?'."

It comes as a Brit mum discovered a hack to dry clothes indoor without turning on the tumble dryer.

Liffie saved money on buying an airer and using electricity to run the dryer by simply using clothes hangers.

"Any clothes that go in drawers, just hang on the airer as normal and any clothes that get hung up, stick it on coat hangers and hang it on the airer," she said.

"This saves so much space and the hang-up stuff can be put straight in the wardrobe once it's dry."


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