Woman who lends sister-in-law HER wedding dress retracts offer

Woman who agreed to lend her sister-in-law HER wedding dress asks if she’s in the wrong for retracting the offer after her wife was uninvited to the big day by the bride’s homophobic parents

  • Woman’s sister-in-law, from US, asked to borrow her wedding dress for big day 
  • Anonymous woman explained that her wife was later uninvited from the event
  • She took back the dress and called fiancée’s family ‘vicious’ for their comments 

A woman who agreed her sister-in-law could borrow her wedding dress for her own big day has asked whether she was unreasonable for later retracting the offer after learning her wife was uninvited. 

The anonymous woman, from the US, who is in a same-sex marriage, explained in a Reddit post how her brother’s fiancée had asked to borrow her wedding gown for her own big day because she ‘liked it a lot.’

She initially agreed to lend her the dress, adding she was ‘thrilled’ she meant that much to her.

But after learning her own wife had been uninvited from the wedding upon request of her sister-in-law’s homophobic parents, she asked for the gown back.  

In the post, the woman explained: ‘She tells me her parents were giving her hell for inviting me and my wife because they don’t like her for “obvious” reasons.’

An anonymous woman, from the US, posted to Reddit to ask whether she was being unreasonable about not wanting her brother’s fiancée to use her wedding dress. Pictured, stock image

The woman went on to say that after a ‘lot of fighting,’ the fiancée’s parents decided that she could come to the wedding without her partner, to which she penned: ‘I won’t come unless my wife comes.’

After asking her brother to return her wedding dress to her, she revealed that her sister-in-law was ‘stunned’ that she had changed her mind and came over ‘crying and begging’ her to let her have it.

She added that her own parents later tried to persuade her to let her sister-in-law borrow the dress despite the circumstances – reminding her of how strong their ‘bond’ is. 

However, many were quick to take to the comments section to call out the fiancée, brother and all parents involved.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to ask for advice after saying she had withdrawn the offer of her wedding dress  

‘Choices have consequences,’ wrote one. ‘Your SIL is choosing not to have you and your wife at the wedding. The consequence of that is that she doesn’t get to use your wedding dress.’

A second advised: ‘Ask her bigoted parents to finance her dress. Also send the value of the gift you would have got her and donate it to a LGBT+ charity of your choice in her parents name.’

Elsewhere, a third wrote: ‘If your wife isn’t good enough to be invited for “obvious reasons”, the dress you married her in isn’t either’.

A fourth outraged commenter added: ‘I’m glad your brother got your dress back for you. Frankly I think he, your parents and the bride should have stood up for you and your wife when the guest list was being drawn up. 

Commenters on the post were outraged at the poster’s family members and their homophobic treatment of her

‘Your wife is a part of the groom’s family. It is completely wrong of them to exclude her.’

Another thought her brother could have done more, writing: ‘Your brother was seriously going to exclude his own sister-in-law from his wedding?? And they’re still trying to pressure you into lending your own wedding dress for a wedding that your spouse is excluded from? No Ma’am.’ 

However, a select few said they felt sorry for the sister-in-law – adding it’s her homophobic parents who are to blame.

‘I do feel for the SIL though. But she should have seen this coming with her parents. Can’t be the first time they’ve said something. They should have paid for their own wedding so they could invite who they wanted without stipulations,’ wrote one. 

A second commented: ‘She did complain about her parents and vented about them many times. But since they’re financially controlling her then she does what they ask her to do,’ while a third added:

‘My petty side says let her wear it, go and keep mentioning to the offending family about how much your wife loved you in it. But that would just Be mean to your SIL and brother who is innocent.’

A select few said they felt sorry for the sister-in-law – adding it’s her homophobic parents who are to blame (pictured)

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