Woman who spent £53k to look ‘plastic, big and fake’ says ‘more is more’

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    A woman who has spent £53k on plastic surgery and body modifications proudly calls herself a bimbofication queen.

    Known as Kitty Ink Bimbodoll, the woman from Vienna, Austria, is also a tattoo artist and owner of her own tattoo studio.

    She has gained a loyal following online thanks to the impressive procedures she’s had and is idolised in the bimbo community.

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    So far Kitty has had two breast augmentations, fillers, Botox, liposuction, a facelift and tattoos.

    She previously appeared on the show Hooked on the Look to discuss her jaw-dropping transformation.

    “I am a self-proclaimed bimbo doll and trophy wife, I’m a hedonist and a party girl by birth,” she said.

    “I’m never happy with my appearance. I think of myself as a piece of art and a constant evolution and I always work on my look.

    “There is no end in sight as long as I have enough money and good doctors and tattooists I will go on and I think my transformation will end when I end.

    “People think I am strange, I don’t want to be average, I always want to be over the top.”

    Kitty’s goal for her transformation is she wants to look super artificial and super feminine

    Over the last 10 years, she has done a variety of cosmetic procedures, including 1050CC implants which are the biggest you can get in Europe.

    “I really love to have big breasts. I had my first breast augmentation at the age of 36 and it was only 400CC and I wanted to go bigger,” she said.

    “I will never stop getting plastic surgery because I love it when my body changes and I love the new look when I’m finally healed."

    Proving this to be true, Kitty recently had more filler put into her lips, which are bigger than she’s ever had before.

    She wrote in an Instagram caption: “OMG, I m so excited about my new extra big lips!

    “My filler appointment on Monday was so amazing, my doc squeezed in the maximum possible amount of fillers into my lips again to make them extra big and we changed the shape a bit, I m looking like constantly sending a kiss now.

    “And he amazingly dollified my face with a lot of Botox to achieve that frozen face look I love so much. I love the result so much! It feels so good looking so plastic, big and fake.”

    Proving her popularity, Kitty has more than 100,000 Instagram followers who love to keep up to date with her life.

    The bombshell regularly shares photo and video content on Instagram and uploads content to OnlyFans for her eager fans.

    She added: “I have a motto and it is: ‘Only more is more and don’t limit yourself.’”


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