Worrying ‘wrist challenge’ slammed as women compete to have skinniest hands

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A worrying new body challenge has taken the internet by storm in China as influencers raced to show off their "skinny hands".

The standard of beauty in the southeast Asian country has always been defined by the body – and every once in a while new trends pop up.

In 2015 there was a collarbone challenge, where people competed to see how many coins they could balance on their collarbones.

And later, a A4 paper waist challenge that saw people comparing their waist to a piece of A4 paper.

Now this week on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, saw a trending hashtag of "wrist challenge" with more than 30 million views on the platform.

In one video, a woman takes out her right hand and uses it to create a "well" to hold up a small amount of soy sauce.

And another viral post shows another influencer following suit.

She puts out her jutting hand and waits for her friend to drop some water into it.

"I guess I'm skinny enough now, right?" she wrote in the caption.

The trend has sparked debate online and many viewers worry it is promoting the message of "the skinner the better".

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One wrote: "That's crazy, it doesn't look good when you're too skinny. What's the point you're trying to prove?"

"Why is there another skinny challenge? We don't need that," a second criticised and a third mocked: "Anyone can do this, I can do it and I'm not even thin."

A fourth joked: "Bring your own cup so you can drink water from your wrist."

Some called the challenge a "fat-shaming show off competition" and said the trend showed the toxicity of China’s obsession with slim women.

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