Would You Learn a Sport Just for the Outfits?

Today, Off-White and MyTheresa.com launched an exclusive collection of ski gear, and it’s so cute it actually makes me want to ski. Or at the very least, book a trip and hone my skills at après-ski (the difficult task of drinking champagne and eating fondue in a chalet, post-ski). 

The capsule is made up of 11 pieces, ranging from a knit headband to socks, hoodies, and puffers. There’s also a bodysuit, which actually makes a lot of sense as a thermal, since it won’t ride up and expose your belly.

I’ve always loved the idea of skiing, but the reality…not so much. The amount of stuff required every time you hit the slopes blows my mind, and my patience. But somehow, when said stuff is this cute, it doesn’t actually seem so bad. 

The whole range is on sale today at MyTheresa.com, and, I have to say, would make an excellent gift for a sports-inclined friend. 

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