You can now buy battery-operated heated underwear

Tired of toiling away at the gym in a mission to get a hot butt? Want real results? Well, look no further than this innovative pair of heated underwear.

Some of us just run a little cold. There’s a range of heated clothing on the market including heated gloves, jackets and even ‘dumpling’ slippers, so perhaps it makes sense to turn our attention to the nether regions.

The product description also reveals that shoppers might like this product for its medical properties. However tenuous these might sound. The panties apparently regulate the uterus environment, soothe menstrual pain, and protect health and fertility, particularly in the field of ‘cold infertility’.

We’re not entirely sold on the scientific claims of these panties, but it does come in five gear settings, so not as many as your bike but likely more than your electric toothbrush. As per the product description, these gears are:

Gear 1 – 37°C – winter warm
Gear 2 – 40°C – ‘palace cold’ conditioning
Gear 3 – 45°C – menstrual conditioning
Gear 4 – 50°C – relieves dysmenorrhea (period pain)
Gear 5 – 40-50°C – daily health

These knickers are handwash only, so not only are you investing your moolah, but your time. The battery must also be removed when washing.

The heated underwear is suited for daily use and comes in a soft polyester-spandex blend. You can wear them year-round, however it’s not advised that you rock them during summer because ouch.

You can select pink, if you’re feeling a little more relaxed, or red, if you want to go fast. As we all know, red just makes you go faster. That’s the real science.

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