Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend


Friday night’s Libra moon sets the mood for a weekend filled with flirting, romance, hot hookups, and fun, Aries! Intimate Venus in Scorpio warming up your chart’s sex sector promises all of your affairs are unforgettable all weekend.

On Sunday night, the moon enters sensual Scorpio and the mood is dark and sexy. On New Years Eve, Mars, planet of libido, enters your sign! Your ruling planet operates stronger than ever in Aries, and you won’t be able to ignore the boost in your sex drive. Why not put this new Martian drive to use and start 2019 with a bang?


Working this weekend, Taurus? Looks like it: the Libra moon in your chart’s workplace zone suggests staying on the clock instead of at the club all weekend. Sunday night, however, the moon enters Scorpio, activating your chart’s relationship zone! Just in time for the NYE festivities, too!

On the night of the 31st, Mars enters explosive Aries, indicating a fiery atmosphere sparkling with excitement (perfect for partying). Lovely Venus and chatty Mercury (situated in your chart’s sex zone) join forces that evening, indicating that you make new connections at your New Year’s mixer and can potentially end up sleeping over with the cutest one!


The Libra moon this weekend provides the perfect pre-NYE party mood for you, Gemini. It’s flirty, fun, and social—three of your favorite things—and it vibes well with you, keeping your attitude bright. If you’re on the prowl, you won’t be disappointed this weekend! Talkative Mercury, still in your chart’s communication zone, has a way of helping you know exactly what to say to seduce that special someone to come spend the night with you.

Enjoy the beginning of your weekend, because the moon enters Scorpio on Sunday. This illuminates your chart’s zone of work and responsibility, and keeps the focus pulled there until Wednesday, meaning you might have to miss out on this year’s NYE festivities.


This weekend starts quiet for your sign, Cancer. You feel introverted under the Libra moon, but lovely Venus, planet of pleasure and love, is stirring up your chart’s zone of romance and sex, indicating that there’s potential to get some action this weekend! The moon enters Scorpio on Sunday, occupying the same zone of your chart as Venus, and the mood is sexier and more fun!

On NYE, Mars, planet of physical energy, enters the sign where it’s most powerful, Aries. This cranks up your libido and you have to get it all out! This astrology supports ringing in the new year with someone sexy by your side (or underneath you)! Happy 2019!


Your weekend starts off hectic AF, Leo. The Libra moon is almost too social to handle, and although holidays are technically over, you’re still busy busy busy. Libra moons are also known to be romantic and flirty, though, so you’re still having fun this weekend.

On Sunday, the moon enters the deep waters of Scorpio, slowing life down and putting you in the mood to stay at home. Despite this bummer of a moon, NYE can still bring the party! Mars enters Aries on Monday, recharging your batteries and inspiring you to get your ass moving. It’s a very Martian evening—high energy, sexy, rowdy, and fun. Sounds like a blast!


Friday’s Libra moon puts you in the mood to get some, Virgo. It’s the most romantic sign, and it’s activating your chart’s zone of pleasure and desire. It’s perfect for date night followed by some kickass sex, especially with Venus, planet of relationships, peeling through sexy Scorpio.

Assertive Mars has been in your chart’s relationship zone for some time now, intensifying the energy between you and your partner, for better or worse. On NYE, it enters fiery Aries, and moves into your chart’s zone of sex. Mars in Aries is notorious for being a horndog, which everyone, not just you, feels! This hot shift in energy is just in time to make the last hookup of 2018/first one of 2019 explosive and unforgettable!


The moon is in your sign this weekend, Libra! Everyone’s feeling the same romantic, flirty, and fun vibes that you love to embody. Connecting with others is a breeze and it’s easy to be social. The Scorpio moon starting Sunday evening brings a hint of lustiness to your New Year’s festivities, as it activates your chart’s zone of desire.

When NYE comes around, just a few hours before the ball drops Mars, planet of sex and action, enters Aries. The red planet’s movement into your opposite sign signifies a sudden surge in sexual tension and increase in energy in your relationship life. Hookups promise to be hotter and arguments more heated with your S.O. with Mars here the next few weeks.


The weekend starts off slow and you keep things lowkey, Scorpio. You’re just in the mood to be alone, no particular reason. You’re likely to stay in if you can help it, but come Sunday you feel refreshed and ready to go as the moon enters your sign. New Year’s Eve is on Monday, and you don’t want to miss out on any parties!

With the moon in your sign, connecting with others is easy-peasy and your natural charm and charisma can shine. Venus, planet of love and pleasure, in your sign attracting hotties to you like flies to honey doesn’t hurt, either! Mars enters Aries that evening, which amplifies not just your libido, but everyone’s. All of these factors combine to make the perfect astro-weather for some A+ sex and unforgettable excitement to ring in the new year!


Feeling social, Sagittarius? The Libra moon in your chart’s zone of friend circles on Friday suggests a fun night out to start the weekend off right! Flirty Libra energy is perfect for teasing cuties at the club and finding potential options to bring home at the end of the night.

The moon slides into Scorpio on Sunday, however, putting a damper on the mood. Despite the murky Scorpio vibes, nothing can stop you from having a blast for New Year’s! Mars, planet of excitement and action, enters Aries on Monday night, bringing the party and heating up your chart’s zone of sex, romance, and fun! Mars in Aries boosts your confidence and sex drive, and your über-charming demeanor is irresistible to everyone around! Happy 2019!


Happy New Year, Capricorn! The Libra moon at the top of your chart on Friday night is romantic and eager to connect with others. Venus, in your chart’s zone of friend circles, connects with your sign this weekend and suggests a substantial encounter with someone new while you’re out with friends—a new love interest, perhaps!

The Scorpio moon starting Sunday runs through NYE and guarantees a spectacular time. It’s in your chart’s zone of socializing, so any New Year’s Eve party promises to be exciting and filled with new connections and fun memories! It’s not just about a night with the gals, though. Mars enters Aries, putting everybody in a hornier state of mind. What better way to complete 2018 and ring in 2019 (plus your birth month!) with some great sex charged by passionate Mars?


An optimistic Libra moon on Friday is a great start to your weekend, Aquarius. It helps your social graces to make you as appealing as possible and fills you with confidence. Approaching someone at the bar and getting their number or asking them home isn’t a problem with a Libra moon, but regardless of what (or who!) you end up doing, you have a blast!

From an astrological perspective, NYE is lit this year, since Mars enters Aries! Mars represents physical energy, and in Aries, it activates your chart’s zone of communication—why not honor these sensibilities and get to know someone better in bed?


The Libra moon is intimate for your sign, Pisces. It shines a light in your chart’s zone of sex, so you’re definitely in the mood all weekend! The Scorpio moon on Sunday is still sexy but improves your attitude with its like-minded water sign vibes. You feel carefree and excited, especially with Mars still in your sign filling you with motivation and libido!

On NYE, however, Mars exits Pisces and enters Aries. The stamina and energy you feel isn’t gone, however, since Mars operates at its strongest in Aries—everyone else is just on the same level now, and everybody is ready for some action! Go get it!

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