Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend


Your Friday is lit, Aries! After 40 days and 40 nights, Venus, the planet of love, finishes out its retrograde cycle! It’s situated in Libra, its favorite sign, radiating blessings into your chart’s relationships zone, and you feel relief from all of the tension in your romantic life that started in September. You’re not completely out of the danger zone yet, however—infamous Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius starts on Friday, too!

The Moon is in your sign on Saturday, bringing back your confidence and Arian libido at its full strength. This, combined with Venus operating normally again, is the perfect recipe for a hot weekend of hooking up, finding new love interests, and having fun no matter what happens! Sagittarius season also starts on Thanksgiving, filling you with even more optimism and energy. This week is almost as fiery and exciting as you are, Aries. Enjoy it!


A social Pisces Moon on Friday is the perfect start to your weekend, Taurus, and your ruling planet, Venus, completes its retrograde cycle that morning as well! Think back to early September—what relationship problems have you been dealing with? Relationships with romantic partners or close friends have been tense, and problems have even spilled into your work life. This stress is ending now, but Mercury goes retrograde that same night, bringing miscommunications and issues connecting with others (especially in bed).

A boost of supportive energy shared between the Sun and Venus on Saturday smoothes over any smaller issues you’ve been having with your partner or FWB lately. When Sagittarius season starts on Thanksgiving, it energizes your chart’s zone of sex and intimacy—the same zone where Mercury retrograde is happening. This could spell trouble if you don’t actively try to work around Mercury’s troublemaking.


Love is in the air this weekend, Gemini! Venus, planet of pleasure and beauty, ends its retrograde cycle on Friday, and directly activates your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun! The Pisces Moon that same day pulls you into the spotlight, and your charisma is shining bright! Finding someone to hook up with or turning on your partner is easy-breezy. If you’re in a relationship though, Mercury in Sagittarius spells trouble for your sign when it goes retrograde that same night, in your chart’s zone of partnerships.

Sunday morning brings a social Aries Moon, so it may be wise to avoid your lover (and Mercury’s dramatic antics) and hang with friends instead. An emotional outburst unfolds into a seriously stressful argument on Monday when aggressive, emotional Mars in Pisces blasts angry energy at Jupiter, which just entered your chart’s relationship zone. Sagittarius season begins on Thanksgiving, but don’t bank on feeling particularly thankful just yet. Mercury and Venus experience some friction, and it looks like the holiday might contain a heated exchange with your partner.


The Pisces Moon on Friday starts your weekend off on an optimistic note, Cancer, and any relationship struggles or in-fighting with your loved ones come to a conclusion when Venus retrograde ends that same morning! However, Mercury retrograde starts that evening, so don’t expect all of your woes to disappear. The Sun is still in your chart’s zone of sex, romance, and fun, so if you can brush off any communication issues or quarreling caused by Mercury retrograde, you can breeze through the weekend and pound out that stress in the bedroom.

Uranus, planet of shock and suddenness, shares awkward energy with the Sun on Wednesday. This brings disruptive events to your love and sex life. An ex might reappear, or a huge fight with your partner may occur out of nowhere. With Uranus, the only advice here is to expect the unexpected and be flexible. Sagittarius season starts on Thursday, activating your chart’s workplace sector—right on schedule for the busiest time of year. Take a deep breath. The end of the year is crazy for your sign, but it doesn’t have to become a crab roast! You’re able to recede into your shell and relax whenever you need to.


Friday night’s watery Pisces Moon brings a touch of intimacy and a sexual vibe to the start of your weekend, Leo. When Venus, planet of relationships and pleasure, ends its retrograde cycle that same night, all systems are go for a night of naughtiness and sex. Your chart’s communications zone is activated by Venus now, so don’t be shocked when your phone blows up with sexts and tons of Tinder matches! Your ex might be the one to hit you up, too, since Mercury retrograde begins that same evening in your chart’s love and sex zone.

Sunday brings an Aries Moon, setting your confidence ablaze and energizing you, and an incredibly potent, sexy event occurs on Monday as Mars, the aggressive planet that rules over your libido, squares off with Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance, in the zones of your chart associated with sex, romance, intensity, and intimacy. Romance and fun comprise the general mood on Thursday when the Sun enters Sagittarius! This lasts for a month. Again, don’t be shocked if your ex comes back around, because that same day, Mercury retrograde creates tension with Venus.


This week is crazy for your love life, Virgo! A Pisces Moon starts the weekend off and helps you connect with your partner more easily, but also heightens emotions. Venus, planet of love, also ends its retrograde cycle in Libra. Relationship difficulties caused by the retrograde conclude now, and pleasurable vibes warm up your chart’s zone of sensuality and desire. Proceed with caution, though—on the same night, your ruling planet, Mercury, begins its third retrograde cycle this year, which can cause lapses in communication.

Saturday brings another pleasant love connection into your life when Venus and the Sun have a gentle interaction. Sunday evening’s Aries Moon turns up the heat in your bedroom as it activates your chart’s zone of intimacy and sex and shares a fiery connection with horny, energetic Mars! Thanksgiving is huge for your love life, too, when Mars butts heads with Pluto, the zodiac’s agent of power and regeneration. Your chart’s sectors of sex and romance are activated, and you have the opportunity to transform a relationship of yours! You’re in control—so make sure the transformation is a positive one! Sagittarius season starts that same day, activating your chart’s zone of home life, so enjoy a month of calmness. You deserve it!


When you look in mirror this Friday, you’ll like what you see, Libra! Venus retrograde is finally over! It started in Scorpio, and reversed into your sign a couple of weeks ago, so relationships of all kinds were wonky—especially the one you share with yourself. Despite the Pisces Moon in your chart’s sector of obligations, you feel more confident, and potential love connections are naturally drawn to you, thanks to your Venusian charm! Despite this fresh and upbeat energy, Mercury retrograde starting the same day indicates technology and travel slip-ups harshing your vibe.

Venus and the Sun connect on Saturday evening in your chart’s pleasure and desire zone, so one of these hotties you’re attracting could slip into bed with you. You may just keep boning until morning, too, when the Moon slips into action-packed Aries, in your chart’s relationship zone. Tuesday keeps the ball rolling with a sensual Taurus Moon in your chart’s zone of sex, and on Thanksgiving emotional, mysterious Scorpio season exits stage left and Sagittarius season starts! Life picks up the pace for the next month as the Sun illuminates your chart’s zone of communication and activities.


Happy birthday, Scorpio! Friday’s Pisces Moon starts your weekend off by lighting up your chart’s sector for love, sex, and fun. Connecting with others and confidently being yourself is easier, and this astrology contributes to your irresistibly seductive charm. That same day, Venus finishes out its retrograde cycle in romantic Libra, aiding you further in getting with a potential lover. Don’t be surprised if things don’t go entirely as planned, because Mercury retrograde also begins Friday.

On Sunday, the Moon enters hotheaded Aries and speeds things up in your chart’s sector of the workplace. Despite how busy you are, your sex drive goes through the roof on Thanksgiving. Mars, planet of passion and libido, aggressively interacts with Jupiter, planet of expansion, in your chart’s sectors of romance/sex and desire/pleasure, respectively. This animalistic urge has to be expressed, and whether it’s a lover, your FWB, or the first person to text you back, desperate times call for desperate measures! If not, the aggression you feel could erupt over Thanksgiving dinner, as your temper is incredibly volatile. Sagittarius season starts on Thanksgiving, too, which promises to slow things down after you expel all that Martian energy.


Wake up, Sagittarius—it’s almost your season! On Friday, the watery Pisces Moon indicates a slow start to the weekend, but Venus retrograde ending that morning symbolizes your relationship drama clearing up, and your love life becoming more active. As a matter of fact, all your relationships flourish now. Mercury retrograde starts right afterwards in your sign, so make sure that the related communication issues aren’t your doing, or the relationship drama from Venus retrograde might just reappear!

The Moon enters Aries, the sign of the Ram, on Sunday, and you can’t help but feel a bit horny as it lights up your chart’s sex and romance zone. This is the prime part of the week to spend with your partner, because the Taurus Moon come Tuesday throws all your attention to your job, and before you know it—it’s Thanksgiving! Next Thursday is the first day of Sag season 2018, but you might not feel very thankful if you’re with family all day long. Aggressive Mars in your chart’s family and home life zone indicates stress from your family now, so keep your temper under control!


Are you ready for a busy weekend, Capricorn? The Pisces Moon on Friday occupies your chart’s communication sector, indicating an upbeat and social night! Venus retrograde has been causing a commotion in your relationships for over a month now, but the cycle is finally complete! Venus starts to move forward, as per usual, in Libra, the most romantic sign, so your sex and love life starts to operate normally again, for a few hours at least. Mercury retrograde starts later that same night, in your chart’s zone of solitude.

The busy weekend slows to a halt under the Aries Moon starting on Sunday, in a very quiet zone of your chart. Come Tuesday, the Moon enters Taurus in your chart’s zone of love and sex. You’re eager to flirt or hook up with someone, but with Mercury retrograde’s energy, it’s easy to feel disconnected despite the good vibes of the Moon in like-minded earth sign. On Thanksgiving, Sagittarius season starts, and the Sun joins Mercury in that same zone of isolation and the subconscious. New connections aren’t likely now, but the introspective mood is great for analyzing past relationships and finding closure.


There’s a big shift in energy this weekend, Aquarius! On Friday, Venus ends its retrograde cycle, and the planet of pleasure and romance turns around in Libra, a like-minded air sign that’s also happens to be ruled by Venus. With this astrology, your chart’s zone of adventure is illuminated, and the Pisces Moon that night is highlighting your chart’s zone of pleasure and desire. These are perfect ingredients for a night of great sex and trying new positions, kinks, or even an entirely new love connection who’s not your usual type can participate in the fun! Mercury retrograde also starts that night, however, in your chart’s friendship sector—why not stay in and invite someone sexy over to keep you company?

The week moves along without any remarkable action in your chart, but on Thanksgiving, Sagittarius season starts! The friendship zone of your chart is activated once again, and you can expect a social and active month! That same day, Mercury and Venus experience a little friction, bringing some conflicting chatter to your relationships. It passes relatively quickly, luckily, and shouldn’t disrupt your holiday.


With the Moon in your sign this Friday, Pisces, you’re able to start the weekend off feeling clear-minded and ready for action! Connecting with others the way you want to, on an emotional and intimate level, is way easier now, especially because Venus, planet of relationships, ends its retrograde cycle the same day. This happens in your chart’s sex and intimacy sector, so the stars are setting you up for success if you’re in the mood to hook up! Mercury retrograde starts that night as well, but your sign luckily isn’t effected too heavily this go-round.

Supportive energy from sultry Venus and the bold Sun in Scorpio courages new connections in your love/sex life on Saturday, and Sunday’s Aries Moon shines a light on your chart’s zone of pleasure and desire. This hot and bothered energy continues to build throughout the week, and on Tuesday, the Moon enters Taurus, the most sensual sign! Mars is in your sign still, giving you an amplified libido and more energy—embrace these red-hot vibes and play a more active role in your sex life! It’s a pleasant change from the norm, and you may just learn new ways to you and your partner off. Sagittarius season starts on Thanksgiving, and the bold vibes of the fiery constellation of the Archer bolsters your confidence even more for the next month!

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