Your ultimate guide to scoring Glastonbury tickets

Glastonbury 2023: Your ultimate guide to scoring tickets – including when to register, and how to bag a FREE pass by working as a volunteer (as long as you can get up at 6am!)

  • Tickets for Glastonbury 2023 are will go on general sale early next month
  • Prices have risen from £265 plus a £5 booking fee to £335 plus £5 booking fee
  • Glastonbury will take place from Wednesday 21st June to Sunday 25th June…but festival goers have to jump through several hoops in order to get tickets

For many music lovers, Glastonbury tickets are the holy grail of the summer festival season, but scoring them is akin to completing an obstacle course that only gets more expensive and more difficult year on year.

Music fans will have to jump through several hoops to secure their tickets for the festival, which is set to take place from Wednesday 21st June to Sunday 25th June next year on its traditional site of Worthy Farm, in Somerset. 

Potential ticket holders need to get organised and register before October 31 in order to access the sale, with the registration process being notoriously thorough in order to avoid illegal resales. 

The actual ticket sale will start on November 3rd for festival goers booking their coach to Glastonbury as well as their tickets, while general admission starts at 9am on November 6th.  

And it was also announced this week that Glasto hopefuls will have to fork out £335, plus a £5 booking fee in order to secure a spot, an increase of £70 from £265 plus £5 booking fee last year. 

For those who want to see the music acts without the hefty price tags, fear not, as there are a few ways you can attend the festival for free, including through volunteering. 

FEMAIL has all you need to know about bagging tickets for Glastonbury 2023:

Music fans will have to jump through several hoops to secure their tickets for Glastonbury Festival, which is set to take place from Wednesday 21st June to Sunday 25th June next year on its traditional site of Worthy Farm, in Somerset. Pictured: Glastonbury 2022

Glasto hopefuls can get their tickets refunded if they get recruited by the recycling team, but spots are scarce – and you need to be up at 6am to clear sites


The first task to complete on your quest for Glastonbury tickets will be to register on the Glastonbury affiliate website, which is the only place you’ll be able to buy them from. 

Glastonbury has a strict resale policy, and in order to stop illegal resales, their registration is thorough, which is why you should get well organised in advance. 

Festival hopefuls will have to complete the registration process before tickets go on sale, with registration closing on October 31. 

People who want to get a Glastonbury tickets will up their chances by preparing themselves ahead of time. Stock picture  

To register, you’ll need to send a passport-style photo, which will be vetted by Glastonbury, and can be refused if they feel it is not appropriate. 

This is why you should register for the tickets as soon as possible in order to ensure everything is completed before the ticket sales go up and you get the much needed registration number you’ll need when buying your tickets.  

Many people will want to attend with friends, with each member of the group trying to nab as many tickets as possible. 

Glastonbury has limited the number of tickets to six per party, and they are made personal to each of the attendees to make re-sale impossible. 

Each year, hundreds of thousands try to bag tickets for the festival, but not everyone is successful (pictured: the Glastonbury Pyramid during Sir Paul McCartney’s set at Glastonbury 2022) 

Music lovers have to plan ahead and register on the festival’s website in order to access the ticket sale – and going by coach can see you bag tickets earlier than everyone else

In order to get tickets for friends, everyone needs to be registered with Glastonbury with their own registration’s details. 

Glastonbury will also ask people to provide details for all the attendees, which includes phone numbers, emails and postcodes.


When the ticket sale goes live, the Glastonbury website can be overwhelmed by traffic, which makes it slightly temperamental. It will help if you know exactly which tickets you want, and have all the details ready.  

There are four ticket sales to take into consideration: the first coach sale and the general admission sale, as well as the coach resale and general admission resale. 

The coach sale takes place before the general sale, and guarantees early access for those who get their tickets then.  

However, the coach sale is no shortcut for those who have no intention of getting on the actual coach and just want to get their tickets early: people who buy their tickets via the coach will have to get on the coach to receive the all-important festival entry tickets. 

Each year, Glastonbury becomes a hotbed for celebrity sightings. Left: Alexa Chung in 2015, and right, Kate Moss attending the festival in 2005

TikTok user Dan Thomas, who has been to the festival several times, revealed that people can up their chances of getting coach tickets by selecting unusual coach journeys, where there will be more availability, in order to secure their spots. 

He added that most people will try to book a coach for the Wednesday, which is the first day of the festival, but that more spots could be available on the Thursday coach. 

The last step is to make sure to have your card details ready, and enough money on the cards to pay for everyone’s deposit, especially if you have split into groups of six, in order to up your chances of getting tickets. 

When you book your ticket, you will be asked to pay a £50 deposit, plus booking fee, per person – which can add up if you’re paying for friends.  


Glastonbury tickets don’t come cheap, and they’re more expensive than ever in 2023 – but it is possible to get in for free. 

Each year, Glastonbury recruits people to help out on the administrative side of things, and a few roles are available to grab, which is perfect if you have the time. 

On the ground jobs are also going, such as security, chaperones, tractor drivers, and more. 

The different job listings appear occasionally on the Glastonbury website, so revisiting in the months before the big weekend might be a good way to nab a spot on a whim. 

If you are already employed and understandably don’t want to quit your job for Glastonbury, there are other ways to get there. 

Working for the festival or going with a charity is one way of getting a spot at Glastonbury. Pictured in 2022

The festival is always looking for people to volunteer to pick the litter revelers leave behind, pictured – and three eight-hour shifts will get your ticket refunded

Each year, hundreds of festival goers earn their ticket by offering to volunteer on the site, mainly taking on the mammoth task of cleaning up Worthy farm and picking up the litter throughout the festival and once it’s over. 

People who are recruited by the festival usually do have to pay for their ticket upfront, however, they will be refunded after completing three eight-hour shifts.  

Litter-picker Amanda Ayers told Metro: ‘After we finish our shift at about midday, we’re completely free to do whatever we want. 

‘We don’t miss any of the music at all and we can still see all the headliners, as most of the stages open between 11.30am and midday. We can stay up as late as we like and enjoy what’s around – as long as we can get up on time for our 6am shift start,’ she added.

You can also apply with independent organisations to be a camp steward or site warden for the people who are staying at the festival site. 

However, these wardens might be asked to take on either night or day shifts, which means you might miss some of the onstage action. 

Some charities, such as Oxfam, Shelter, WaterAid and the Samaritans offer some spots to work at the festival as well.  Some charities also offer the chance to work at Glastonbury, such as Oxfam, Shelter (which runs a bar), WaterAid and the Samaritans, which has a Festival Branch. 

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