You’ve been cooking steak wrong – Jamie Oliver shares common temperature mistake

Have you been cooking steak wrong your whole life?

On his FoodTube channel, Jamie Oliver revealed that many make the mistake of keeping their meat in the fridge until they’re ready to cook it.

Not only can this make steaks cook unevenly, it can also make them less juicy and harder to bite into.

The celebrity chef warned: “Do not take your steak from the fridge and cook it.

“Take your steak out from the fridge for an hour, cover it so it kind of gets to room temperature.

“If it’s screaming cold in the middle and screaming hot on the outside it’s going to toughen up, be horrible and be miserable.”

So what does Jamie do to ensure his steak is perfect every time?

The pro cook revealed it’s important to pick the right cut – and featherblade is his favourite.

This steak, also known as flat iron, is best cooked medium rare.

Jamie likes going to his local butcher for the best produce – and it ensures you get a nice thick piece too.

If you want a perfectly pink middle, it could be wise to order a double cut to share instead of opting for thinner slivers from the supermarket.

Before cooking, Jamie oils the steak and puts a thick bottom pan on high heat.

He then generously coats the meat in salt and pepper on both sides, patting it in.

The TV chef drizzles a bit of oil into the pan before adding the featherblade steak.

You can rub the meat with garlic or add some butter on top to caramelise it and add a sweet flavour.

Jamie also enjoys using herbs like thyme, rosemary and oregano for extra flavour.

Be sure to let your steak rest properly before cutting into it.

If you fail to do this, you risk all the juices running out and the meat going dry.

Jamie recommends at least two minutes when you’re cooking featherblade.

And there you have it, perfectly cooked steak every time!

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