10 Awesome Subway Menu Items You Can Only Get In Japan

As all of us probably already know, Japan is popular for being a wonderful place where things like fashion and cuisine are much more intricate and special than in other places. For instance, fast-food is not like any other country because they introduce specific Japanese elements. Subway is a well-known restaurant that sells sandwiches, but in Japan, it is most definitely not just that – they have up to 20 customizable unique sandwiches and in today’s article, I will tell you more about these special selections of menus you can find in Japan.

10 Shrimp Avocado Sandwich

This seasonal specialty is very popular among locals, as it is their go-to sandwich most of the days when they want a quick, yet tasty and filling choice for their lunch. The main ingredients are the shrimps and the creamy avocado paste which you can personalize with whatever ingredients you fancy.

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For instance, you can choose to add some cheese as well as freshly cut tomatoes, cucumbers and a little bit of salad to make up the perfect Subway sandwich.

9 Cream Soda Float

Not only does this drink taste delicious but it’s also one of the most famous drinks among Japanese. For instance, it can be found at multiple restaurants, not only at Subway, but the place is known for serving this popular drink since 2003 so almost every menu or sandwich works perfectly with such a sweet delight. The ingredients are delicious: vanilla ice cream, melon soda, and ice cubes. We highly recommend trying it if you even go to Japan and you are nearby a Subway!

8 The Sweet Sub

In September 2019, Subway Japan has launched the first sweet sandwich ever made by this franchise. Even though you would expect it to be rather unhealthy, as Subway is known for offering healthy, freshly-made sandwiches, you are wrong. The main ingredients are made out of vegetables as well. For example, the red bean paste is made out of beans that have some added sugar, but when analyzing the protein and fiber you find in the main paste, this aspect is not as dangerous for the body. The cherry on top is the added mascarpone, which offers an interesting combination to the sandwich. Make sure to give it a try but keep in mind that it’s only available from 2 p.m. so an early dessert will not be possible.

7 Shrimp & Red snow crab

If you weren’t already convinced, Japan is so unique when it comes to ingredients that you can put on a sandwich that is not even a surprise when two fancy ingredients are both combined on a plate for a mouth-watering feeling that you won’t forget!

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The bottom line is that even though Subway is a well known American franchise, they are not so inspired when it comes to good food pairing, because most of the time all the fuss is about the amount of bacon or how much extra cheese you can add on it, but in this case it is much more than that – a culinary journey, right in a fast food!

6 Smoked Ham and Mascarpone

You might have heard of mascarpone when it comes to making desserts, especially the famous Italian one called Tiramisu, right? Well, when it comes to Japanese subway sandwiches there is an intricate combination between smoked ham and mascarpone and people that have tried it say that is indeed special! If you are not a huge fan of smoked ham, you can always switch it up and try pairing salmon with mascarpone as it promises to have the same flavor as well as taste. It is a very fresh option as the salad and the rest of the vegetables included offer a healthy alternative to a fast-food sandwich!

5 Zeitaku Ebi Sand

This perfectly translates to Luxury Shrimp Sandwich, although the English translation they have offered is just – Special Shrimp Sandwich. What makes this Sub luxurious is, in fact, the gigantic amount of shrimps used for only one sandwich. The heavy sandwich is not only heavy, due to the number of products used but also healthy, thanks to all the veggies added next to the shrimps, such as tomatoes, sliced peppers, onions, next to very subtle and tasty bacon strips.

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People are very pleased with this particular sandwich as they call it a “shrimp-intensive eating experience” so if you know you love seafood, this sandwich should be definitely tried out!

4 Infinite Destroyer

Although we have already figured out that Japan has a very unique approach when it comes to sandwich combinations, sometimes it seems that they exaggerate or maybe overcompensate for something. For instance, Subway introduced a sandwich called Infinite Destroyer but only at their branch next to the University of Tokyo. This particular choice is only recommended if you are a huge fan of meat and not just any kind of meat, but more specifically beef as it has not 10, but 25 slices of roasted beef so you won’t even be able to taste the bread in the so-called sandwich!

3 Meatloaf Sub

If it’s not clear by now, we have noticed that Subway in Japan is a huge lover of meat that comes in all shapes and forms. We’ve had ham, beef and now we have a meatloaf sub! This one is part of a promotion they had and clients are very happy with the combination as it is something that Subway Japan hasn’t done before. Although there is a Subway Sandwich in the United States that has meatloaves as their main meat, this one has a lot more vegetables and added sauces that switch up the complete taste of it! It has bamboo shoots, red bell peppers, green soybeans, arrowhead, mushrooms, and the toppings are even fancier –  demi-glace and cheese sauce.

2 Hot dog barbecue Sub

Even though most of the time we would consider the American Subway to be much more unhealthy, this Japanese Sub is most likely one of the most interesting combinations that are yet to exist out there. It is not really a hot dog, as it has the normal ingredients a sandwich does, from onions, tomatoes, and salad with added toppings such as olives. In the end, the start of the show is added – the sausage and ketchup and mustard. People consider it to be quite unique as there isn’t such an option anywhere but in Japan.

1 Subway Taco

We bet you didn’t expect to see this invention in Japan but in other regions where tacos are more frequently consumed, right? Oh well, you were mistaken. In 2015, Subway Japan has launched three sandwiches as part of a campaign, one of them being stuffed with ground beef, spicy salsa, topped with cheese and your choice of veggies. Although the ingredients look like they are meat for a taco, adding spicy filling doesn’t really make it a taco. People admitted it was a controversial name but still an interesting choice!

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