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TRAVELLING with just your hand luggage is often cheaper, faster and safer.

But what items are you allowed to bring and what about makeup? Here's everything you need to know about bringing cosmetics in the cabin.

Can you take makeup in your hand luggage?

Sometimes it can be confusing what items are allowed in your hand luggage, especially when it comes to beauty products.

To avoid a meltdown at security, you need to determine what category your makeup falls into – liquid, powder or solids.

Solid makeup like lipstick, lip balms and foundation sticks have no restrictions, you can bring as many of these as you like in your hand luggage.

Powder makeup like eyeshadow and setting powder can cause issues on airport x-ray machines, so you might want to put those items in your hold luggage or expect a little delay.

Liquids and gels are allowed in your hand luggage but there are restrictions.

Liquid items include creams, lotions, moisturisers, mascara, perfume and even hair gel and deodorant.

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Do different airlines have different rules?

The restrictions on liquids came about around the world in 2006 after officials foiled a plot by terrorists to detonate liquid explosives on a flight.

Airlines tend to have different rules about what you can bring in your hand luggage, but when it comes to makeup its mostly the same.

You cannot bring liquid items larger than 100ml even if they aren't completely full.

They must be in clear plastic bottles and you can't carry for than 100ml of each individual product.



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All the liquid and gel products you have in the cabin cannot exceed more that 1 litre in total.

The items must be stored together in a clear, plastic zip-lock bag which is about the size of a sheet of A4 paper, you can bring your own but most airlines provide these.

You must fit all the items into the bag comfortably, and it must be able to be sealed via the zip-lock – not knotted or tied at the top.

Can I buy makeup at duty free?

If you don't want to deal with restrictions with makeup and other cosmetics in your luggage there are other ways around it.

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You can put large liquids over 100ml in your hold luggage, or even buy them when you reach your destination.

You'll also be able to buy makeup airside at duty free – but beware this might cost you more.

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