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A CRUISE ship worker has revealed the three items he never leaves behind whenever he heads out to sea.

Cruises are becoming an increasingly popular holiday and career choice for people, but those who have never been on one aren't always sure what to pack.

Tiktoker and cruise ship musician Jack Nolan (@jackcruisesaround) provided his followers with some handy hints, should they find themselves boarding a cruise any time soon.

First of all, he recommends packing adaptor plugs, which he says people constantly forget to bring with them.

In a video, he said: "I live in this teeny tiny cabin when I'm working away at sea. I want to show you my top cabin essential items to bring with you.

"Number one is plug adaptors. American cruise lines will include both the American and European style plugs in the cabins.

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"Believe it or not, a lot of people will forget to bring these, but you can pick them up at the airport or order them off Amazon."

Jack also revealed which plugs will charge devices quicker inside the cabins.

He continued: "A quick hack to know is that the European style ones are 220 volts, which means they're twice as powerful as the American ones, which means they will charge your phone twice as fast."

Second, Jack focused on organisation in his cabin and revealed how he manages to keep his room neat and tidy, despite its size.

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For that, he uses magnetic hooks, from which he can hang almost anything to his walls.

He said: "Number two, magnetic hooks. These things are amazing. Each internal wall on a cruise ship is magnetic, so you can put them anywhere and hang anything on them.

"It really helps when you've got limited storage space of such a small cabin and you can use them for anything."

Finally, Jack brings a converter with him to enable him to stream films on his cabin television from his phone.

He recommends downloading a lot of TV shows and movies for when you're spending a bit of time relaxing in your cabin.

He said: "Next up is a Lightning to HDMI converter. I recommend always buying the Apple ones because third party ones didn't always work.

"But with these, you can plug them straight into your phone or iPad, connect the HDMI cable and run it to the back of your TV.

"And from there you can watch downloaded Netflix, Amazon Prime shows and movies and things from the comfort of your bed.

"But if you're like me and you want your phone on you whilst you're watching TV, you can always bring a hard drive, load it up with movies and films, whack it into your laptop, and watch things that way."

Jack's video has been seen by more than 54,000 people, with viewers thanking him for the information.

One wrote: "Good tips."

Jack isn't the only person to reveal mistakes that first-time cruise passengers make.

Former cruise director Christine Kesteloo explained three of the worst things people are guilty of doing when getting on board a ship for the first time.

They include not buying a drinks package, picking the wrong cabin to sleep in and not paying for tips in advance.

Meanwhile, a cruise expert has revealed the worst things you can do as a passenger, which also includes overpacking.

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