Desperate tourists caught reserving sun loungers the night BEFORE – and everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

DESPERATE tourists have been filmed putting towels out to reserve sunbeds the night BEFORE in a new twist on the classic holiday scene.

In recent months, holidaymakers have woken early to take part in scrambles to reserve sunbeds at resorts everywhere.

However, it appears that people are now starting to mark their territory even earlier, with towels being put out to reserve the loungers the previous evening.

The video footage, shared on Tiktok, shows a hotel pool, surrounded by empty sun loungers, all with towels draped over them to prevent other people from sitting on them the next day.

The caption on the video reads: "It's 8pm and everyone's placed their sun towels for the next day."

People commenting on the video were all generally in agreement about what should be done with the guests' towels.

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One said: "This literally doesn't matter I will politely throw those towels on the floor and sit down."

Another wrote: "Towel doesn’t mean it’s yours. I’ll just take it and sit."

Others however were a little more extreme in their ideas for punishment.

One said: "My friends would go to the pool early in the morning, dampen the towels & cover them in sugar. The towels ended up covered in ants & other insects."

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The scenes from the video are far from exclusive to the hotel shown in the footage.

Another holidaymaker recently tried to shame sunbed hoggers by filming them laying out towels at a hotel first thing in the morning.

The footage shows how almost every bed in the resort has been covered with a towel, as eager sunbathers mark their territory before the pool becomes too busy.

Some hotels have their own ways of dealing with it, like throwing towels off the beds if no one uses them for a certain amount of time.

Others have forced tourists to pre-book the beds, to prevent people from reserving them with towels, despite not wanting to use them until later.

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Holidaymakers have even taken to reserving spots on the ground at some resorts.

Some hotel guests were filmed queueing up to be the first to put their towels down in Tenerife.

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