Double vaxxed Brits can return from amber list countries without quarantine from TODAY

NEW rules from today mean Brits returning from amber list destinations will no longer have to quarantine, if they are fully vaccinated.

With most of Europe being on the amber list, it is great news for holidaymakers this summer.

The new rules require Brits to have had both jabs, with the second one at least 14 days before travelling, to be able to skip the 10-day quarantine.

Instead, returning travellers will be able to follow the rules of the green list which requires a negative Covid test pre-arrival and another one on day two, which must be pre-booked.

Travellers will be able to prove their vaccine status on their NHS app, while kids, who have not yet been offered the vaccine, will also be exempt from isolation.

Countries including Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy are all on the amber list.

Holidaymakers have already started heading abroad, with passengers heading to Ibiza and Majorca this morning.

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However, there are fears that more countries could face new restrictions and be placed onto what has been dubbed the "amber plus" list.

France was the first country to be exempt from the new rules, despite being on the amber list, due to the threat of the new Beta variant.

Fed-up Brits were forced to return from France over the weekend after it was announced that even fully vaccinated Brits would not be able to skip quarantine.

Experts have also warned that Spain and Greece could be next to join France, due to rising cases.

Paul Charles, founder of travel consultancy The PC Agency, told the i: "It is now known as an amber plus list, whether they like it or not.

"France is one of the big three countries we visit each year and I think the concern is the Government will be looking at Spain and Greece and potentially add those to the amber plus category."

Families wanting to head abroad are also advised to check the entry requirements before travelling.

While most destinations – such as Spain, Portugal and Greece – are welcoming Brits who have had both jabs, some countries such as Bulgaria are closed to the UK.

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