Everything you need to know about travel rule changes from green list changes to PCR test scrapped

IT'S been close to impossible to travel throughout the pandemic, with Brits waiting with bated breath for a holiday boost.

Now, with a stonking 44,298,076 adults double-jabbed in the UK, the pesky rules have had a major overhaul today.

The shake-up will see double-jabbed Brits no longer having to take costly PCR tests.

And the 'pre-departure tests' that travellers are forced to take before flying home are also being ditched.

Meanwhile, traffic light rules are being cut to a much simpler 'go and no go system'.

But anyone who hasn't been double-jabbed will have to pay the price – facing even tougher restrictions.

Here's what will be revealed in the Government's announcement today.


Lateral flow tests will replace expensive PCRs for returning holidaymakers – but travellers will still pay through the nose.

The swabs, only for double-jabbed arrivals, will cost about £30 as the free NHS kits will not be accepted.

Those taking the test will be supervised in person or virtually, but the changes will save about £100 in testing costs per booking.

And they will not have to show a negative test at all if they return from a green list country.

Despite most of the new rules coming into force on October 4, PCR tests will be required until the end of October.

Traffic light list

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps today announced the end of the traffic light system in favour of a go/no-go list.

The amber list is being merged into the green list – known as the "rest of the world" – while the red list will be dramatically shrunk.

Turkey, Egypt, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kenya will go from red to Covid safe.

The new rules mean all current amber list countries will effectively become green – or 'go' destinations.

Rules for non-vaccinated Brits

Unvaccinated travellers will still have to pay for a PCR test and face ten days of self-isolation even after today's announcement.

And they may have to quarantine on their return from all countries, even if they are on the 'go' list.

It's thought the hard-line rules for non-jabbed travellers could encourage holidaymakers to get the vaccine.

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