Former flight attendant reveals where to sit on a plane if you don't like screaming babies

SITTING next to a screaming baby is one of the worst things to happen during a long flight.

A flight attendant has revealed the seat to avoid if you want to lower your chances of it happening to you.

While on some flights you don't get to choose your seat, if you get the option to pick then it is worth taking.

Former flight attendant Annie Kingston has revealed the best place to sit to reduce your odds of being near a baby – and the seat to avoid is the bulkhead.

Annie told Oyster: "While there's no escaping (or blaming) the shrill of an upset child, you can lower your odds of sitting directly next to one by choosing a seat that's located far from the partitions on board.

"These partitions, which go by the technical name 'bulkheads', are the only places on an aircraft where a parent can safely secure a baby's bassinet and are, therefore, where most children under one-year-old will be situated."

It is likely a baby will be near a partition as it is the safest place on a plane where a carry seat can be stored.

Another flight attendant agreed – Rebecca Love, who has worked for Virgin Atlantic for eight years, explained there are three places that are best for kids where parents often choose to sit.

Along with the bulkhead, this is also the window and the toilets.

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She told the Mirror: "If they’re little enough, try and get a bulkhead seat and request a bassinet (one of the cribs that attaches on to the front wall of the cabin)."

So sitting as far away from a bulkhead as possible is the best choice if you want to avoid babies.

Some people opt for these seats as they give extra legroom without having to pay for it – just remember to take your noise-cancelling headphones if you do.

Japan Airlines has a feature where passengers can check where babies are sitting on a flight.

The website lets passengers see where a child aged between eight days and two-years-old is sat.

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