Holidaymakers should be able to buy duty-free when returning to the UK, say MPs | The Sun

HOLIDAY-makers should be allowed to buy duty-free when they return to the UK, according to an influential group of MPs.

Tax-free shopping at British airports and international rail and ferry terminals should be in Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement, they think.

In a letter, The Future of Aviation all-party parliamentary group said 65 nations already offered the deals and, if the UK did so, passenger spending would rise 30 per cent and jobs would be created.

It states: “With our exit from the EU, the UK has a unique opportunity to drive retail sales higher than our European neighbours.” 

It argues taxpayers would not be stung because industry would pay.

Group chairman Henry Smith said: “The Chancellor can take the opportunity to boost UK aviation and travel, create jobs and generate additional tax revenues through introducing arrivals duty-free shops.”


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The Treasury said the Chancellor had stressed the UK’s finances “must be on a sustainable path” — and said he would not be introducing a VAT-free shopping scheme.

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