How to book a Disney holiday post-coronavirus – from ground floor hotel rooms to avoiding buffet restaurants

DISNEY-mad families will be eager to return to the theme parks, although remains off the travel list as the US is yet to welcome Brits back.

Disneyland Paris also remains closed, with France on the UK quarantine list.

However, when the parks do reopen, they are likely to be a very different experience, even after the pandemic.

We've explained everything to consider when booking your Disney World holiday, to stay safe and make the most of your well-deserved holiday.

Choose a ground floor room

One of the rules at many Disney hotels is to continue to social distance while using public spaces, especially the corridors and lifts.

Some smaller lifts only allow a few people in at a time, meaning you may face a long queue.

This can be almost impossible if the hotel is busy, and other guests may fail to follow the rules.

Picking a ground floor means you can avoid busy stairs and lifts, keeping you a bit safer.

You will also have to spend less time waiting every time you want to return to your room.

Opt for non-buffet restaurants

Buffets, once the best part of a hotel breakfast, are unlikely to return to restaurants any time soon, although some resorts are offering them still, with service staff behind.

When choosing the restaurants to be included in your package, it is best to research them to check their safety protocols.

Lots are now only offering table service, reducing your risk.

Book through travel agents

British families will need to not only book flights to Disney World, but also hotels and park tickets.

If the holiday doesn't go ahead, this can meet three different parts of the trip which need to be cancelled, with no guarantee of getting all of the money back.

Booking through a travel agent not only offers additional protection but they can often help you find Disney packages which include everything

This will also help if you need to cancel the whole trip, or reschedule.

Choose a hotel with more to do

Park hopper tickets have been suspended for now with some attractions still closed.

Some families may choose to spend more time at their hotel than they normally would, meaning one without the extra amenities may ruin the holiday.

Swimming pools and water parks are often on-site at resorts, which will give you more choice if you cannot make it to one of the parks.

A Disney fan has revealed her free tricks and hacks on TikTok when visiting the theme parks which means you can avoid long lines and huge crowds.

Disneyland California is currently closed, and is likely to stay that way until 2021, while Disney World in Florida is open.

Here are some other tricks to get freebies at the parks, if it is your birthday.

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